Waxing In Bikini Area

Bikini Waxing is a very common method of hair removal. Contrary to popular belief, men rely on this method as well. However, women follow it with greater enthusiasm. Removing unwanted hair that grows around one’s “private” parts is increasingly gaining popularity because people are becoming more and more conscious about showing skin. Bikini Waxing is extremely popular in the United States but is also being carried out by a large number of women in other parts of the world.


The procedure that is carried out for the purpose of bikini waxing, for the most part, does not require the individual to remove his/her underwear. However, a few salons provide paper underwear so that the cloth does not come in the way of easy hair removal.

Once the wax is applied onto the skin, a piece of cloth is placed on top of it. This cloth sticks to the wax and pulls out the unwanted hair along with the wax.

Waxing is painful and due to the sensitivity of the bikini area, it is even more painful. Extreme cases suffer from this pain for a number of days after as well. Such people are advised to take a pain killer such as Tylenol so that the degree of the pain is reduced.


Waxing can be made less painful by the beautician if he/she knows that pulling the cloth off as quickly as possible will yield results. Taking time to remove the cloth is extremely painful and almost torturous. Therefore, the beautician must always make sure that the cloth is out of the way quickly.


After the process is over, the beautician will make sure that the area is completely smooth by removing stray hairs that were too short to be ripped off. After the area is completely smooth, the beautician will apply a cooling lotion of gel so that skin irritancy problems can be avoided.


It is always recommended to rely on waxing for the purpose of hair removal from the bikini area when compared to other methods such as shaving or tweezing. Relying on razors for the purpose of hair removal, especially from around the bikini area is not a very good idea as it can lead to the development of ingrown hairs as well as extreme razor burns.

A major benefit of waxing is that it pulls out the unwanted hair from the roots and keeps it from growing back for a particular period of time. Continued use of hot wax for the purpose of hair removal will ultimately retard the growth and your hair will grow back slower and thinner. The texture of the hair will also be better after a period of time and the pain will be less.

Those women who have been undergoing bikini waxing for a long period of time claim that even though it is painful, the smooth skin is worth it. A large number of people believe that bikini waxing is the same as Brazilian waxing. However, this is not true as those who undergo Brazilian waxing look to remove unwanted hair in the individual’s private areas. Brazilian waxing is also known as Hollywood waxing which makes sure that every hair on the individual’s body is removed.

When one opts for american waxing, they use strip wax that removes hair on every part of the body except the labia. The use of an applicator is usually recommended so that a clear line can be created. Powder is applied onto this area to make it easier for the wax to remove the hair. The wax is then spread over the bikini area. It is of common knowledge that the hair around the bikini area is extremely coarse and grows in different directions. Therefore, the beautician will have to apply the wax a number of times before the area is completely smooth. The cloth strips are pulled of as quickly as possible as this keeps the pain minimum.

French WaxingThe method is almost the same as that of American Waxing. However, the only difference is that the beauticians may use hard wax or strip wax. The client is required to lie on their stomachs for several minutes so that the problem area can be worked on from every angle.

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