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Main Causes For Acidity

  Everyone complains of acidity at some point or the other in his/her life. Every day, the stomach undertakes the function of secreting a specified amount of acid that plays an important role in the digestion of food that we consume. The function of the acid is to break up the food as part of digestion. Due to various reasons, the stomach ... more info

Symptoms Of Acidity

  With upcoming winters, there is increase in the consumption of tea and food that causes acidity in the stomach. Before talking about the symptoms of acidity let us see what acidity is?   What is Acidity?     Gas formation in the stomach thereby leading to heart burn is termed as Acidity. In medical terminology... more info

Home Remedies To Prevent Acidity Or Acid Reflux

Acidity problem is becoming more common these days as many people are consuming foods that are either too spicy or has a lot of fat content. It is also common to see students and youngsters missing their meals or eating too much in a meal to compensate for not eating a previous meal. Such poor meal habits can trigger acidity problem which can be ... more info

Tips to Control Acidity During Pregnancy

  It is common to experience acidity and heartburn during pregnancy. Some women also experience a burning sensation at the throat region. This is considered to be normal as the chance of stomach acid moving into the esophagus is common during pregnancy. This is experienced while the baby grows and uses up a lot of space inside the body. ... more info

Diet To Control Acidity

  More and more people who are suffering from acidity problem will be able to control the symptoms, if they are willing to make changes in their diet. Diet plays an important role in the secretion of acid in the stomach. The acid that is secreted in the stomach digests the food that a person consumes. This means that the first step in keep... more info

Is Heart Burn Related To Our Diet

  Many diets can cause heart burn. Heart burn is certainly related to diet, but not all types of diets. Fried foods, fatty foods, peppermint and chocolate do cause heart burn in many individuals. The list of foods that can cause heart burn is quite a lengthy one. However, the above items are very effective in triggering... more info

What are The Acid Reflux Symptoms And Causes

  We take the food from throat to the stomach by a tube. This tube is not strong enough to hold the acid. In this reason acid reflux occurs. When we take foods from throat to stomach, then the digestion starts. In this process, an acid produced by stomach, take part. This acid is stored in the stomach. Stomach has a strong wall in it to st... more info