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Arthrogryposis is a rare genetic disorder occurring in 1 in 3000 live births. This disorder is thought of to be caused due to genetic factors or due to mal effects of some drugs. In these nerves, muscle and tissue develop abnormally causing multiple joint contractures and malformed limbs. The muscles are weak and the child may suffer from fibrosi... more info

Atrial Septal Defect

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) is a deformity of the heart in which the wall separating the upper heart chambers does not close completely. This opening in the heart is present in all foetuses and eases pressure on the baby’s lungs and helps in strengthening them. Around the time of birth, this wall closes completely. Atrial septal defect can be ... more info

Baller Gerold Syndrome

Baller Gerold Syndrome is an extremely rare congenital defect occurring in 1 in a million live births. At present this syndrome can only be diagnosed after birth. The typical characteristics of Baller Gerold syndrome often overlap with those of another disorder, the Rothmund Thomson syndrome   which has led scientists to conclude that it is th... more info

Bardet Biedl Syndrome

Bardet Biedl syndrome (BBS) is a genetic disorder which affects the brain. It affects vision and caused intellectual impairment. This syndrome may also cause obesity, renal disease and extra digits on the hands and feet. It is a genetically heterogeneous condition as it occurs due to more than one known genetic cause.  This disorder is charact... more info

Barth Syndrome

Barth syndrome is a genetic disorder occurring in 1 in 300000 live births. It is a disorder found in males only. Medical research indicates that most male children identified with this syndrome rarely have a life expectancy beyond 3 years although there have been patients reaching adolescence. Barth syndrome was named after Dr Peter Barth who condu... more info


This is a disorder occurring in approximately 5 out of all 100 births. The defect in the joint of the foot is believed to be caused due to incorrect positioning in the womb. This defect appears to be more common in females and can occur on one foot or on both feet. This condition does not cause any pain to the infant and is self-correcting in 90 pe... more info

Campomelic Dysplasia

Campomelic dysplasia is an abnormality affecting the skeletal structure and reproductive system in infants.  This disorder is often fatal for the affected infants. The disorder is named after the Greek term for bent limb as infants with this disorder are born with bowed legs and arms.   This disorder is relatively uncommon, occurrin... more info