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How long does Botox Last

Botox treatment is a very popular cosmetic treatment, but it is not a permanent treatment. People need to get this treatment at regular time interval depending on the area of treatment and the intensity of the Botox injection. Basically it will depend on the time for which the Botox will last.   The Botox shows its full effect within th... more info

Botox Branding Kit

A few decades ago, a middle aged person could never have imagined looking young again. A glowing complexion was the prerogative of the youth. Not so today… Science defies aging…and Botox is one of those substances that have reinstalled confidence in so many millions of users by making them look younger and better.   C... more info

Dysport Brow Drop Correction

It is natural to face the drooping and sagging of fact with the growing age, thus creating a tiresome appearance or wrinkles on the upper eyelids or brows or wrinkles next to the eyes. As a result of some hyperactive muscles between the eyebrows, deep creases in the lower forehead get created.   Dysport has turned out to be the prom... more info

What are the Botox Treatment Areas

Botox treatment is manly given to reduce wrinkles, lift eyebrow, reduce frown lines, and to make skin look younger.   There are various types of cosmetic problems that are treated through Botox injections and surgery. Botox has effect on various parts of our body, but it is mainly used for facial muscles and correction of facial problem... more info

Dysport for Migraine

Botulinum, an approved toxin by Food and Drug Administration as a cosmetic treatment, has grown over and above in treating neuromuscular disorders too treating tension-type headaches, gastrointestinal problems and migraine. Clinical experts say that as a characteristic, botulinum toxin has a paralytic effect on neuromuscular junctions, has s... more info

Kate Gosselin's Botched Botox Story

Kate Gosselin is a famous actress and mother of eight kids. She earned some money in the reality show and invested that money in Botox work to get better looks. You must have seen the recent photos of Kate Gosselin. You found that there are some very montage eyebrows. You can guess that there is something fishy. Several plastic surgeons agree... more info

Is Botox Effective For Antiaging

Today, a Botox injection, the passport to a younger you, is easily available. In the past it was a well kept secret among celebrities. Since it was approved by the FDA in 2002, its popularity has never dimmed. Here was something that could really keep one young, just like mysterious beauties in well known fables! But, apart from all the hype, ... more info