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Reasons And Solutions For High Cholesterol

Reasons and solutions for high cholesterol are always being sought today, especially in western industrialized societies reeling under the pressure of high degree of obesity and heart disease in its population. Millions of dollars are spent annually to seek the reasons and solutions for high cholesterol Cholesterol is a molecule built around the cy... more info

How To Lower Cholestrol

Cholesterol is often called –‘the curse of affluent societies ‘. Progress has given us industrialization, untold wealth together with hypertension, cholesterol and heart attacks.   Now,what is cholesterol?   It is a molecule built around the cyclopentano phenanthrene backbone and is an integral part of human c... more info

How To Lower Cholesterol With Diet

You can lower your cholesterol by including certain foods in your diet. These foods include oat, fish having omega 3, nuts, foods fortified with plant sterols and soy. Studies show that these foods can lower your cholesterol. These foods can be included in your diet for consumption on a regular basis.   Soluble fiber helps ... more info

High Cholestrol And Heart Risk

Heart attack and cardiac disease is the bane of industrialized societies. More the wealth that is generated by these economic powerhouses more is its mortality count due to the fall out of ischemic heart disease. The offending agent responsible for this calamity is always cited as high levels of cholesterol. Let us examine all the factors in the eq... more info

Understanding Cholesterol Tests

Cholesterol is a substance which when exceeds the normal range may cause serious problems in your body so Understanding cholesterol tests is very important. Understanding Cholesterol tests Cholesterol is a fat (lipid) in the blood. It has high in density and is a lipoprotein (HDL) or a very good cholesterol helps in the protection of the heart, the... more info

Cholesterol Harmful Effects

Cholesterol is basically a fatty substance, which has the propensity to block the arteries when its level crosses the normal levels. When the arteries get blocked, then the chances of heart attacks also increase. One can maintain the cholesterol level by following a healthy diet. In order to prepare a healthy diet one must acquaint themselves with ... more info

Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Cholesterol is basically produced by the liver and it is essentially a fatty substance. When cholesterol levels are normal, then it can provide a lot of benefits to the body. But when the cholesterol level becomes abnormal then it can hamper blood circulation which can eventually cause heart attacks or strokes. Unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet... more info