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Yearly Salary Of Plastic Surgeon

To gain the eternal beauty, a person with a boasting bank balance immediately jumps on the option of the plastic surgery. In simple terms, the plastic surgery is altering the body parts to make them look more beautiful than before and let them be a symbol of never ending and pure beauty. Besides the sole desire of turning beautiful, plastic surge... more info

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is known by other names as lipoplasty and suction lipectomy. It is a form of plastic surgery in which “canula” or ultrasound tool is used by the vacuum technique to remove fat below the skin by means of incisions performed by the physician.   Society, in the recent days has placed much importance on looks because ... more info

Gastric Bypass Surgery

It reduces the amount of food and the absorption of calories in the food. It is used for patients who have obesity and who cannot get rid of fat by means of diets or exercise. . It has been recommended as it has few complications. It can provide ever lasting results if the particular individual maintains a strict and healthy life style. Roux-e... more info

Benefits of Gastric Bypass

The benefits of surgery are escape from premature death. Better outlook in life, and longevity to life. People who could not lose weight by means of exercise or pills or diets could benefit from this surgery. Morbid obesity could cause problems like sexual dysfunction. Persons who have undergone bypass gsurgery have reported normalcy in their ... more info

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery doesn’t eliminate dark circles, crow feet or other aging wrinkles on face. But the surgery is most often performed with facial surgical procedures like forehead lift or laser resurfacing. The formation of sagging skin on upper and lower eyelid can be attributed lack of skin elasticity. With age skins loses natural elasticity ... more info

Cheek Implant

Today there are numerous types of cheek implant surgeries, but the experts recommend below mentioned types for better results: Submalar Implant: In this method the cheek implant is designed in such a way, that it provides maximum augmentation for sunken part of cheek on side of nose and under the eyes. Malar shell implant: In ... more info

How Does Botox Treatment Work

Today, all of us are waging a virtual war against the phenomenon of aging, with scientists playing God trying their best to thwart or prolong it as much as possible. With prime importance and energy directed towards looking good and young, nobody can bear to have even a single wrinkle break out on their face or a single crow’s feet develop ... more info