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Steps To Eradicate Dark Circles

Schedule a regular blood test over 2 month or 3 month period with your physician. Establish whether this condition of Dark Circles under Eye runs in your family. Dark Circles under Eyes are believed to be a hereditary disorder. This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to treat the condition, but you should be well prepared for success ... more info

Concealer for Dark Circles

  Dark under eye circles detracts from the beauty of the face and leads the focus away from the eyes. Skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive. The slightest strain manifests itself as dark circles under the eyes and gives a haggard appearance to the face. The causes for dark circles are lack of sleep, malnutrition, anemia, smoking o... more info

Use Concealer to Hide Anything

A perfect blemish free complexion is every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with even skin tone and a blemish free complexion. Most of us have small zits, acne scars and under eye dark circles.  . When applied with care, make up covers all imperfections and gives the impression of a radiant complexion. A concealer... more info