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Underarm Hair Fungus

Armpit hair fungus is a common and major problem that embraces males more commonly as compared to females. Let us know what an armpit hair fungus exactly is? It is a kind of ringworm infection in the underarms that causes darkening, itching, and burning of the underarm skin. It is basically caused by having a high amount of moisture in the armpi... more info

What Causes And Treatment Of Armpit Hair Fungus

 An armpit hair fungus is ringworm infection which occurs on the skin of the armpit causing itching, burning, and darkening of skin. An armpit hair fungus is caused by skin fungi, usually skin molds or dermatophytes that consume the superficial layers of the skin. Fungal infections usually affect skin and hair because the live off keratin, a p... more info

Skin Fungus Treatment

The treatment for a skin fungus infection is not complicated.  Most health care professionals prescribe antifungal creams which are quite effective and help prevent a relapse of the problem.  There are several other anti-fungal creams that are available OTC.   Most OTC drugs that are available would contain 1% each of terbinafine an... more info