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Hair Colour and Hair Loss

Hair styles have become an important part of the entire fashion look. Fashionistas change their look with different haircuts, textures and hair colour. Of all the styling options available today, hair colour probably is the one which changes a person’s entire look dramatically. It is easy to change the natural hair colour using convenient h... more info

Anti Hair Loss Shampoos Available in Market

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women all over the world. This is considered as the worst problem of men and women as it affects their personal look, glory, perfection and hampers their self esteem. So everyone is more interested in Anti Hair Loss shampoos in order to control and stop hair Loss. Some of the effective anti hair los... more info

Do Head Massages Prevent Hair Loss

The two major factors responsible for hair loss are genetic factors or immune system disorders. The best way to prevent hair loss or at least minimize the danger of losing hair is self awareness.  Head massage, the act of rubbing and putting pressure on scalp with fingers, improves blood circulation at the hair roots and strengthens them. Ap... more info

Provillus Hair Loss Solution

People who are suffering from hair loss are always scouting for products that would help them to curb hair fall and grow their natural hair. Since there are already many products in the market that are aimed at the hair loss segment, it can get quite challenging for the consumers to pick the right products for themselves. But with the introduction ... more info

Is Hair Loss Genetic

Hair loss problem can be genetic. It passes from one generation to the other. Genetic hair loss is very common in men but not in women. The type of hair loss problem totally depends upon the genes of one’s parent. Hair-fall problem is actually the body incapability of producing more hair. In men, genetic pattern baldness is the initial declin... more info

Sleep and Hair Loss

Many people suffer from hair loss and sleep related problems, but very few of them are aware that these two problems can be related to each other. Sleep is important for the body so that it can repair or regenerate cells and there are a lot of other factors which plays a vital role in hair growth. Around eighty percent of the men and about forty pe... more info

Hair Loss Medicine and Low Sex Drive

The connection between hair loss medicine and low sex drive has been derived through a recent research study. Around ninety two percent of the men who participated in the study claimed that they are experiencing low sex drive after having hair loss medication. The side effects of the medication persist for around two years after stopping the usage ... more info