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Kidney Stones

Since there are more than a few diverse ways for you to grow kidney stones there is no supernatural cure or definite formula that can apply for all situations. There are certain questions that only your doctor can answer. These are as follows.   1. What type of stones do you have?   2. What kind of treatment would fit y... more info

Chronic Kidney Disease

Having a chronic kidney disease is something that should be taken seriously and not as something that would pass. If you are inflicted with this kind of DC you will not be able to get rid of your body weight properly and you may end up damaging your kidneys as well as other parts of your body.   This is why the doctors who treat chr... more info

Treatments for Glomerulonephritis Kidney Disease

This disease, also referred to as glomerular nephritis, damages the glomeruli in the kidneys, preventing the kidneys from effectively filtering waste products and extra fluid from your blood. Glomerulonephritis disease is the most common type of kidney disease that can cause end-stage kidney or renal disease in a lot of countries.   If g... more info

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney disease refers to the condition of having various sizes of cysts in your kidneys. It is something that is the very dangerous and deadly for the patient because it will not allow him to get rid of his waste properly. This is because the cysts will block the nodules that usually would allow urine to pass. In order to b... more info

Acute Renal Failure

Acute renal failure refers to the condition of having kidneys that is not able to filter the waste products of your body. This will then result to the various waste products going into the bloodstream and possibly poisoning the patient in the process. This is why treatment is very important when you have renal failure. This article... more info