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Massage While Breast feeding

The general feeling that people have about a massage is that it tends to soothe and relax the person. Massages are done to de-stress and also to de-toxify a person so that he feels a fresh lease of energy. But, nursing mothers are concerned to a great extent about the toxins that might find its way into the baby's body. The fact is that most ... more info

Pregnancy Perineal Massage

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body will release progesterone and other hormones for making the muscles soft as childbirth involves stretching the body's muscles. There is a widespread feeling that if the pregnant woman's perineum is massaged when the woman is close to the date of childbirth, chance of perineal tears or episiotomy decreases to ... more info

How Important Is Infant Massage

The benefits that a massage session can offer should be tapped by both adults and infants.  After witnessing the good effects that a massage has on infants, the ‘International Association of Infant Massage' (called IAIM, in short) came into being. The first good effect of infant massage is the promotion of relaxation; this will aut... more info

Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy

Different women experience different symptoms during pregnancy. At some point or the other, women do report muscle stiffness. This is attributed to the expansion of the woman's uterus as the baby grows steadily over the months. While pregnant women are in search of a simple and effective solution, the easiest method that can be adopted for ea... more info