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How To Meditate For Beginners

By learning the basic principles of meditation you can pave the way towards a better health and life. Most of us are quite wary when we have to take the initial steps that are required to learn meditation. The first thing all we need to understand is that there are many forms of meditation and you can take your pick from them, according to your c... more info

Different Types Of Meditation

You need to know about different types of meditation so that you can practice them at different situations. Meditation is basically categorized into three types: focus meditation, basic meditation and walking meditation.   Focused Meditation: is recommended for beginners who have never practiced any form of meditation before. The classi... more info

Effect Of Meditation On Mind

Effects of meditation on the mind are always considered as positive. And even scientific research has proved that meditation can bring in emotional stability in a person’s life. Meditation can be practiced for different purposes and the purposes can differ from person to person. Many centuries ago people used to practice meditation to gain ... more info

5 Minute Mood Busters

When you are in a bad mood there is nothing that seems to please you.  You are down in the dumps and make the people around you feel the same way too.  Here are some tips that will help you snap out of a bad mood in five minutes flat!   The Attire: Make an effort to change into clothes you will wear when going out.  Do you... more info