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Periods After Child Birth

How many times your baby is breast fed is the important factor that determines how sooner your body might resume menstrual cycle. Timing varies in every woman, along with the normality of it based on circumstances and body. Therefore time frames stated below serve as only approximate ones. If you are very much concerned, consult your doctor to... more info

Mennorhagia heavy bleeding menstural cycle

First of all, let us know and understand what Menorrhagia is. Menorrhagia is a disease that occurs on women during menopause. In this case, women suffer from abnormal and heavy bleeding problem during menstrual period. Menorrhagia is caused due to abnormality in the blood, change in the hormone and disorder of the uterus lining. Women normally... more info

Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding

Generally a normal menstrual period lasts for about three to five days, which tends to cause a lot of discomfort to women. During these phase one loses around forty milliliters of blood. But when abnormal menstrual bleeding occurs, one can lose up to eighty milliliters of blood and it can last for a period of one week. Abnormal menstrual bleeding... more info