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How to Stay Positive

Life is not always the smooth sailing boat that we expect it to be. There will be turmoil’s in the life of each and every person. How we look at it is what makes the difference. Most of us are very negative in our thoughts which affect our complete life. Another factor with people who keep trying to find fault with everything is that they ... more info

Beating Mental Fatigue

It has been commonly seen that extremely busy schedule has made mental fatigue our next door neighbour that keeps on knocking our doors time and again. It has embraced every individual be it a school going kid, office going man or a housewife.   What is Fatigue? Fatigue is a situation that is seen in most people and many of them are not ... more info

Do You Wake Up Tired In The Morning

A morning is a very crucial time of the day for every one. Your day depends on how you are feeling when you wake up in the morning. If you are waking up all tired and drowsy in the morning it means that your body needs immediate attention. If you are tired early in the morning it could result in a bad mood throughout the day. It is never a healthy ... more info

Does Your Child Need Counselling

Every person is different in this world and so is every kid. Therefore, most of the parents think only there kid is shy, bully, indifferent etc. But they should understand their kids. Some parents chide there young ones very frequently which makes the kids introvert sometimes. Then the question arises does your child need counseling. I Child Counse... more info

How To Prevent Negative Thoughts

Our mental and physical well-being is very much depending on our thoughts. Positive thinking can nurture positive concepts and these concepts become the foundation for all our deeds. When thoughts transform into deeds, the quality of our actions reflect the nature of our thoughts. Therefore, certainly we should prevent negative tho... more info

How To Energise Yourself Instantly

There may times in your life when you will feel downright tired and exhausted, maybe after work or a lot of household chores and at the same time you cannot afford to be tired because of commitments. Your mind will feel drained and it will just stop working properly. This might also extend to your body which might feel like its giving up on yo... more info

How To Reduce Inferiority Complex

If you feel that you are not as worthy as others, it means you have inferiority complex. You may be intelligent and may be successful too, but if you have got inferiority complex you may turn away from new people, thinking that they are better than you. Even though you are aware of your potential, when you come across others, particularly... more info