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Dryness even after Moisturizing

  The most common feeling is about the dry skin even after moisturizing. It is not only a prevailing problem in India; it is a common problem across the globe. There are two things that can cure your acne and your dry skin.  The question remains why he face remains dry even after applying moisturizer.  Use of moisturizer should n... more info

Are Body Oils Better than Moisturizers

  India is a traditional country, where many people practice the traditional and ancient methodologies when it comes to health and beauty. One of the great questions is whether body oil is better than moisturizers? This could be simply answered as yes as the medicinal benefits of these oils are time tested. Body Oil is actually better than... more info

Side Effects of Hand Sanitizers

There has been an increasing amount of awareness among people about the importance of washing hands frequently and how diseases spread through unwashed hands. Germs which cause diseases like common cold, influenza and swine flu spread through physical contact. When we touch things like door knobs, car seats and door handles and stair bannisters, ... more info

How to Make Hands Soft

    Our hands are the most hard working parts of our body. Right from the moment we wake up till the time we go to sleep, our hands are in constant motion. Unfortunately, our hard working hands are the first to feel the ill effects of wear and tear. Chapped palms , calluses and dry palms are the obvious signs of neglected hands. &... more info

How many times do I Moisturize

  It is now commonly accepted that no matter what the weather outside, skin needs regular doses of moisture – from within and without to keep it looking smooth and youthful. At least 2 liters of water must be drunk daily to keep skin hydrated from within.  To correct the ravages of exposure of skin to external elements like UV r... more info

Why Olay Moisturing Cream is good for skin

  Our skin reflects the state of our health. Every woman wants to know the secret of lustrous, soft and unlined skin. Ill health reflects on the skin as dullness and outbreaks of acne play havoc with the skin.  A good moisturizer can be a true friend in these circumstances. Every cell in our body is composed of 70 % water.  ... more info

The Best Facial Moisturizers

No matter what type of skin you have, all of them need protection from sun and ageing from every day environment. We can get all type of beauty treatment done of our body to slow down the skin ageing process but face is one part of the body which is continuously exposed to sun whereas other part of our body is well protected with clothes. Th... more info