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Benefits of Onion

If you don’t eat onion just because it leads to the emission of foul smell from your mouth then you should read this article and after reading it re consider your decision for not eating it. Onion not only adds taste to your food but comes with endless health benefits that we will discuss in detail as we move on. The importance of onion ... more info

All About Vitamin B

  Vitamin B complex is a group of water soluble vitamins except vitamin C. Vitamin B complex vitamins include vitamin B1 (Thiamine), vitamin B 2 (Riboflavin), vitamin B 3 (Niacin),vitamin B 5 (Pantothenic Acid),vitamin B 6 (Pyridoxine), vitamin B7 (Biotin), vitamin B8 (folic acid or folate) and vitamin B 12  (Cyanocobalamin). Vitamin ... more info

All About Vitamin K

    Vitamin K also known as phylloquinone is produced by the intestines and helps in clotting mechanism. It is a fat soluble vitamin that is useful for maintaining the strength of bones in aged people. Naturally vitamin K can be of two types i.e. K1 and K2. Former, also known as phylloquinone, is synthesized by plants while later, k... more info

All About Vitamin D

  Vitamin D also known as sunshine vitamin is mainly absorbed through sun. It’s main function in to maintain the balance between calcium and phosphorus in blood thereby taking care of the strength of bones. It gives strength to our bones. Apart from sun it has many dietary sources like eggs, fish, milk, cod liver oil etc. Two active ... more info

All About Vitamin A

    Vitamin A, also known as β- carotene or retinol, is the first of all the vitamins to be discovered by Funk and hence it is called vitamin A. It is derived from both animal and vegetable sources. Its main role is to aid in normal vision and healthy skin. Also it is used as an enhancer of our immune system.   So... more info

All About Vitamin C

    Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a popular anti-scurvy water soluble vitamin. Its effectiveness in the treatment of scurvy is known since 1753 when James Lind, father of clinical trials, performed experiments on sea men suffering from scurvy. Though the finding of the study was not accepted but the role of vitamin C in... more info

Vitamin D Deficiency Problems and Their Treatment

Vitamin D is also known as calciferol or sunshine vitamin, as the body, can manufacture it in a sunny weather utilizing body cholesterol. It can be attained in about half-an hour by bright skinned people, whereas dark skinned persons, due to the pigmentation require about three hours to achieve the same level of production. The sunlight required ... more info