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Link between Fast Food And Obesity

Obesity is responsible for the certain percentage of deaths every year all around the world. Various diseases like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many more are caused due to obesity.   The rate of obesity has been increasing day by day and one of the reasons that cause obesity is fast food.... more info

Women With Obesity and Trying To Conceive

Obesity is dangerous to human life for both men and women. Obesity can also be dangerous at times when women are trying to conceive. Well, women should know about the effects of being an overweight or obese if they are trying to conceive. However, pregnancy and obesity are linked with each other. Infertility in females can be an issue which is... more info

Do Genes Play A Role In Obesity

Again and again, it is repeatedly said that obesity is dangerous for our lives. When a person becomes an obese or overweight, the type of disease he is prone to varies from one person to another. This is because different people have different body mass, height and weight. Do genes have something to do with obesity? Well, this question has sti... more info

Facts About Increasing Obesity In America

There has been a drastic increase in the number of obese in America in the last five years. According to a survey, it was found that almost 250 million people all over the world are facing problems with obesity. America, alone, has lot of obese people despite being the most richest, progressive and advanced country in the world. America is kno... more info

Get Obesity Help Online

The world is moving fast and our lives have become so busy that there is no time for physical activities. If the human body does not get any exercise, the body will become lethargic and the person will start to feel lazy. Laziness is one of the reasons for becoming an obese. If an obese person asks for advice, then he/she would follow what others ... more info

General Information About Obesity And Diabetes

Our body becomes insulin resistant if we are obese. Obesity is absolutely a health hazard that can even lead to death. New research and study have found out that there is a link between obesity and diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most vital diseases caused due to obesity. On 21st of Jun, 2009, journal Nature published an article about how obesity... more info

Secrets About Topamax For Obesity Revealed

Topamax is an anti-obesity drug, which is also used to treat seizures, clinical trials and epilepsy. This medicine was proved to be an effective drug to promote weight loss programs developed by Johnson & Johnson. Currently, Topamax for obesity has been discontinued by the manufactures because of its troublesome side-effects upon human body. T... more info