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Protein Shakes and Teenagers

Protein is beyond doubt the main ingredient in protein shakes. Therefore, it is important to know the main function of proteins. The body requires protein for the purpose of building muscles, repairing muscles, fight infections etc. Proteins also make sure that the blood gets enough oxygen.   The amount of protein that you need on a... more info

Should We Take Protein Shakes and How Much

A majority of people rely on protein shakes for the purpose of reducing their weight or increase energy during a weight lifting program. The protein in these drinks work towards increasing muscle mass, strengthening bones, clearing the skin and making other tissues strong. According to a number of professionals and medical experts, those who... more info

How Healthy Are Protein Bars For Children

In today’s busy life schedule, parents find it difficult to keep an eye on the eating habits of their children. So, they prefer to opt for portable diet options like protein bars, candies etc. Though protein bars are simple and fast way to supply proteins but they shouldn’t replace natural proteins products like egg, fishes, chicken, ... more info

Are Protein Shakes Effective

Most people today consume protein shakes because they either want to lose weight or increase muscle mass. While some people swear by them, others feel that they do not work at all. The reason is that the average person consumes enough proteins from a daily meal. Therefore, consuming extra protein from protein supplements only leads to an excess o... more info