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Problem Related To Circumcision Scar

On newborns the circumcision is performed usually with one of the equipment that is specialized and is called as a Mogen clamp, a Gomco clamp, or the Plastibell, along with the instrument for restraining. Generally healing process takes about two to three days. The circumcisions for the adults are usually done without any of these implements, but... more info

Canadian Preparation H for Pitted Acne Scars

If you go couple of decades back, you will notice that there were not many treatments for the acne scars tissue removal. Definitely, adults as well as the teenagers had to handle the horrendous pangs that were related to the acne pimples, but then they were the ones that slightly burdened and mature with the aftermath related with the breakouts of ... more info

Can Tanning Get Rid of Psoriases Scars

Psoriasis can happen to any one and it looks different on each person. On some people it can be small bumps or large areas of patchy, raised skin. The area can also have red patches or areas of flaky skin that is easily wiped off. Psoriasis can also affect the skin under or around the nails. These will appear as small, white spots on the nail ... more info

Scar Tissue After Surgery

More and more people are going for plastic surgery for some reason. This type of surgery involves of making incisions and there is always a scar left behind because of incisions. Though, incisions can be small and the scars negligible many times the scars are long and take time to fade. In many surgeries like liposuction or certain types of breast ... more info

Does Tina Fey Scar Looks Similar To Keloid Scar

Tina fey scar is very famous and some people find that it adds beauty to her face. Tina fey revealed that she had this scar, when she was young and someone came and stabbed on her face and since then she has this scar. This scar looks very similar to keloids as they are said to be overgrowth of the scar tissue, extending beyond the boundaries of si... more info

Similarity Between Drew Brees Mark and Hemangiomas

Drew Brees scar look very similar to the Hemangiomas, which are kind of vascular birthmark that are very common and present in children that are young. Hence, if an individual finds a spot going on the newborn daughter or son, the instant reaction is obviously alarm. But, if it is red and small, then there is nothing to worry about. Though, on... more info

What Is Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is due to injury, surgery, or repetitive motion. These are many types of injuries that can cause many types of scars. Such scars have different type of tissues and result in pain   and discomfort. An injury caused by horse kicking can cause a big, round swelling under the skin that will leave a hard cluster of scar tissue rese... more info