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Why Not to Use Tanning Beds

For people living in cold climates, a tan is a desirable thing to have. A golden tan is a sought after beauty aid by men and women alike. While a few can afford to holiday in the tropics and gain a natural tan, most people have to resort to the cheaper alternative that of tanning under a sun lamp. Melanin content in the skin decides the natural ski... more info

Should Teens Ban Indoor Tanning Beds

According to the Associated Press Report, a new policy statement strongly discourages the use of tanning salons by anyone under 18.   A recent survey has found that ten percent of 11- to 18-year-olds reported using indoor tanning sunlamps in the previous year, mostly females. Much has been debated on the harmful effects of Ultra Violet Ra... more info

Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

The skin cancer is a medical condition that has been found to develop on the areas of the skin which are exposed to sun. These areas may include scalp, face, lips, ears, neck, chest, arms, legs, etc. However it may occur in other areas which are not even exposed to sun and where the exposure to sunlight is actually bare minimum. These include are... more info

Skin Cancer Treatments

There are different methods of skin cancer treatment available in order to take care of different types of skin cancers. For instance, basal cell carcinomas which are the most common type of skin cancers can be treated by curettage and desiccation. In this technique used for skin cancer treatment, the dermatologists generally scoop out the basal ce... more info

Skin Yellow and Pale

Skin color in humans varies according to geographical and environmental factors.  That is why an Asian and a Caucasian look so different from each other.  However, within a certain racial group too there are different shades to the complexion of the skin.  For instance, an Asian can be ‘fair’ or ‘dark’ dependi... more info