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Common Skin Rashes

The word “rash” does not have an exact meaning and does not refer to any specific kind of disease.  However, it is commonly understood as an abnormal change of skin color or texture.  In generic sense, it is the outbreak of bumps on the body that changes the look of the skin.  Rash can occur in a single location or can sp... more info

Do Mobile Phones Cause Skin Rashes

The total basis of networking and business in today’s world is mainly due to the high range use of the telephones and more importantly the mobile phones or cellular phones. Every single person from a school going kid to a famous university lecturer, from a typical poor street vendor to an super rich businessman, cell phones have now become a ... more info

How To Get Rid Of Underarm Rash

The underarm region of the body is quite an irritating place for many people, because of its tendency for profuse sweating, the consequential body odor and sometimes development of rashes. Rashes especially are very irritating and can be prevented by simple precautionary methods. The causes of underarm rashes are typical and closely linked to und... more info