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Ideal Sleeping Position To Loose Weight

You may find it difficult to believe, but it is really possible to lose weight naturally while sleeping! There are different ways to do this.    1.   Sleeping in the lateral position is good, but so far no specific sleeping position has been linked to weight loss. However, there are ways in which you can prepare ... more info

CPAP Masks

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the term you will hear from your doctor if you visit the doctor to be treated for snoring or breathlessness during sleep. However OSA and snoring is not the same thing. The term Apnea means no breath. When a person falls asleep the muscles get relaxed. This may cause the structures of nose and mouth to fall back a... more info

What Causes Dreams

It is considered that a man dies the day when he stops dreaming. Literally speaking, it is quite difficult to lead a healthy life without dreaming. In other words, dreams teach us to live. When a person goes to bed, he hardly knows that he will have a dream. Whether it’s a reverie or a dream (as we call it), it always gives a sort of momentar... more info

What Is Sleep Apnea

Every individual wants to lead a healthy life. In this regard, he/she considers a healthy diet and a good night’s sleep to be very important. Yes, it is true that in order to maintain a proper lifestyle, right, balanced food as well as a sound sleep is equally important and if any one of these gets hampered problems start cropping up. The m... more info

Sleeping Positions For Better Digestion

Are you suffering from indigestion problems? Have you tried every doctor and medicines but in vain? Do you have a problem of acid reflux while sleeping? If yes, then it is the right time to ponder upon your sleeping posture as this may be the causative factor behind all the problems related to indigestion. Yes! Sleeping posture can be the culpri... more info

Melatonin and Valerian for Good Sleep

Insomnia, which is characterized by lack of sleep on a regular basis, is a disorder which affects everybody at least once in their lifetimes. The causes of insomnia range from stress, lack of physical exercise, depression due to life changes, noise pollution and neuro chemical disorders. Insomnia affects our physical and mental wellbeing. An insomn... more info

Know Why Are You Sleepy After Eating Food

The most difficult hour at work is the half an hour post lunch! This statement sounds familiar doesn’t it? It’s aggravated if our food contains sweets or edibles made from flour-like bakery products and pastas. We grab a cup of coffee or take awalk. But often it does not help. The productivity drops during the post lunch hours and also ... more info