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Slip Disc Treatment

One method of treating slip disc is through Connective Tissue Manipulation.  In this method, Physiotherapist uses soft pads of the fingers to moves in a trained way one layer of skin on the layer below.  The short, sharp, stretch reflex, created as a result of this specialized movement creates an impulse, which further gets extended out t... more info

Home Remedies to Help Prevent Slip Disc

It is said that prevention is better than cure. When you adopt a general fitness schedule or a yoga program for complete health and wellness, slip disc prevention does not need to be addressed separately. However, given that you are well informed about the symptoms of slipped disc and can listen to an alarm early, reaching an extra mile t... more info

Slip Disc and Numbness in Feet

Experiencing numbness in foot is a common thing and results having sat in a particular posture for long.  This feeling is quite normal when resulting in tingling, prickly sensation in such a way so that one feels needles are being pinned internally.  But this is the result of blood circulation towards feet resuming after a gap.  This... more info

Slip Disc Problem

In slipped disk condition, no disk actually slips from its place as spines are perfectly interlocked in the neighboring spines and Spinal bones are supported by a circular disk like formation of tissues that are filled with jellylike substance. More the pressure applied to spinal bones, more visibly the tissue discs are affected which further res... more info

Computer Rrelated Back Ache

Most people do some or other type of desk jobs and observe that spending a major part of the day in front of computers sends them home uneasy and over a time, supplies them a curse known as “back ache”. The repetitive & prolonged sitting while working on computer at workplace puts excessive pressure on the back and neck. I... more info

Pregnant and Back Ache

With pregnancy come ailments in varied nature. Progesterone and relaxing hormones soften ligaments, spinal and pelvic joints which further result in change in the tummy bump making the frontal area of women weighty. Due to uterus becoming heavy because of baby’s weight, excess pressure on sciatica is formed, back posture of the body... more info