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Easy Ways To Quit Smoking

  Smokers do not quit smoking even though they are aware of all the harmful effects of smoking. They are afraid if they will miss all the pleasures of the world when they quit smoking. They fear if they will not be able to handle stress without smoking. As long as they have this kind of fears they will not be able to get ... more info

President Obama Quits Smoking

  Smoking cigarettes is an unhealthy habit. Researchers continue to investigate the various health effects associated with first hand, second hand and third hand cigarette smoke exposure. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in December that President Obama appeared to be making progress in his struggle to give up cigarettes and was che... more info

How Smoking Affects our Health

  Smoking and tobacco chewing are the only eatables that don’t come with any of the benefits. What they give you are diseases, addiction, low immunity, decreased stamina and inability to concentrate. Though quitting smoking is not an easy habit as it requires great deal of will power and concentration. So, to give up with the habit o... more info