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How To Cure Stammering Problem

There are many precautions which a person has to take while growing up a child. It is important for a parent to know how to cure stammering problem, rather than ignoring a stammering child. The other word used for stammering is stuttering. It is important that the parent should not panic after discovering this speech disorder of their child. Most... more info

What Causes Stammering In Children

First let us discuss what is Stammering. Stammering is the irregularity in speech. It is a disorder caused due to many reasons, we will come to it a bit later. It is the repetion of words involuntarily followed by prolonged pronunciation of words. Usually children in the age of 2-5 are seen with such disorders. Though it is said that stammering g... more info

Is There Any Stuttering Treatment

A lot of people face stuttering problem in their early childhood, the difference lies when some of them overcome the problem while with others the problem is glued till the rest of their life. Therefore, it is on the list of the frequently asked questions among parents- is there any stuttering treatment. In order to know about stuttering treatmen... more info