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How Many Cups Of Tea Can One Have In a Day

Have you ever asked your self the recommended amount or quantity of tea you should be taking to get the most health benefits? This is a question that several people on earth like to ask because they think that it is unhealthy to take tea. Tea is good and can be taken in large quantity though the caffeinated tea such as black tea are not supposed ... more info

High Tea Party

  Tea party is more valued in most of the countries in the world at large. To some communities, tea party is almost a religion or a way of life and like a tradition. In the past, taking afternoon tea was great and built a lot into one’s social standing. The afternoon tea was taken between lunch and dinner especially at three o’... more info

Is Too Much Of Caffeine Harmful To Our Body

Caffeine stimulates the Central Nervous System (CNS). Many beverages such as coffee and cola contain caffeine. Its abuse has spread worldwide. Caffeine is used in medications too, such as migraine treatment. Caffeine is a diuretic and can relieve headaches and fatigue. Even many medicines that are used to cure headache co... more info

Does Tea Causes Bad Breath

  Tea is a recommended beverage that freshens an individual’s breath and gets rid of some infections that may be unhealthy to the body. According to the researchers, fresh tea or green tea is best when it comes to fighting of bacteria and it can get rid of organisms that cause diseases. Green tea is also recommended as a mouth wash b... more info

Does Coffee Stunt Our Growth

case. This is so because coffee is a good beverage which consists of caffeine that stimulates one’s central nervous system. Caffeine is a good nutrient in the body though much of it may be dangerous since is can cause anxiety and may interfere with one’s normal sleep. Several adults Several people believe that too much coffee may... more info

Does Caffeine Have Any Side Effect On Our Body

  Caffeine is a very important psychoactive substance that is used widely all over the world. It is a stimulant that exists on the plants leaves, plants seeds or even on plants fruits. This stimulant is said to exist in approximately sixty plants around the globe. Among the plants are tea leaves in China, coffee bean in Arabia, cocoa bean ... more info

Does Caffeine Have Side Effects On Pregnancy

  Many people rely upon coffee for energizing them when they feel tired. Following are some beverages in addition to coffee that are rich in caffeine content: some energy drinks, tea and also soft drinks. Once people get addicted to caffeine, they will find it difficult to break the habit. Some choose less strong coffee and coffee brewed d... more info