5 Tips to Get Rid Of Rosacea

Acne Rosacea, medically termed as Papulostular Rosacea is a part of acne. At most times, it runs in families. It is caused due to weak blood vessels in our face thereby making our complexion reddish pink. The reasons of Rosacea are clogged pores and black heads which can be hereditary.


Fruits and Vegetable consumption are the best home remedies to get rid of Rosacea. The most popular remedies are Aloe Vera as well as Lavender. Aloe Vera helps to keep our skin smooth where as Lavender helps to improve our skin’s health. In our daily life dirt, oil as well as bacteria is an etiological factor for blemishes, inflammation as well as redness of skin.


Tips to Get Rid of Rosacea



Keep the Face Clean: Both acne as well as Rosacea are caused due to excessive oil as well as dirt in the face. The excessive oil which is produced by sebaceous glands of the skin will lead to clogged pores. The excessive oil will also increase the inflammation like redness, whiteheads as well as pimples. The interaction of microscopic yeast with the clogged pores will create the fungal infection. To avoid this kind of the excessive oil, we should use acne face wash as well as other abrasion cream which will remove the deep pores. Most of the people are using zinc PCA with the mixture of emu oil to avoid any kind of bacteria as well as fungal infections.


Using Sunscreen Creams: The excessive heat will increase the production of oil that may cause tissue inflammation. Using of sun screen cream protects our skin from UV damage as it prevents excessive oil production.



Choose Healthy Foods: Foods like coffee, alcohol and junky diet increases the chances of Rosacea. So, avoid eating those foods and try and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables.  Green leafy vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, increases the blood supply thereby preventing acne related problems.



Maintain Personnel Hygiene: Touching our face with dirty hands is the major cause behind acne and rosaeca. Make it a habit to wash hands every time you eat or go out with anti-bacterial soap. Hands are the main house for bacteria to grow.



Consult a Physician:  If your condition is not improving then its better to consult a physician rather then trying remedies blindly. Antibiotics, kill the bacteria causing acne. There are certain oral antibiotics that aggravate the problem of acne. So, its better you consult a dermatologist before consuming.


Thus, we should keep in our mind these 5 Tips to get rid of Rosacea, acne and deep pores. Application of ice packs over the skin is also a good home remedy. Keep yourself away from excessive coffee, tea or alcohol as they promote acne as well as wrinkles.

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