Acne Care

Acne care basically includes keeping the skin immaculately clean so that irritation does not occur. In order to keep the skin clean people scrub their face mercilessly, which naturally induces irritation. The cleaning ritual has to be very mild in nature so that skin is not rubbed the wrong way, literally. The face cleaning lotion should be chosen according to one’s skin type. Acne care can be very effective when the face is washed with lukewarm water and an appropriate face cleansing gel.


How to cure skin exfoliation


The next step in acne care is skin exfoliation. A facial scrub can be used for skin exfoliation and one should be gentle while applying the facial scrubs or else irritation can be caused. After the completion of exfoliation, a toner should be used so that the dead skin can be taken off the skin. Acne care would be impossible if a person is impatient as acne cannot be cured in a day. After toning the next step for acne care is moisturizing the skin. A mild moisturizer should be used so that the skin pores does not get congested with excessive oil. Moisturizing is also required for people who have an oily skin but they should be very careful about the amount of moisturize that they use. 


How to Care of Acne


Acne care also consists of avoiding the urge to touch our skin continuously. If the skin has to be touched then an effort should be made to ensure that the hands are clean. Unclean hands results in the transfer of impure materials on our skin which eventually fills up the skin pores with dirt particles and causes acne. Using acne products consisting of oil as their primary ingredient should be shunned for acne care. Acne care would be futile if we are inducing excessive amount of oil into our skin. Before the consumption of any over the counter medicines for acne care one must read the instructions scrupulously to ward off any complications.


Acne care these days have gained so much popularity that it has transformed into an industry of sorts. Acne care should be initiated only when a person is sure about the type of skin he has. There are basically two types of skin: oily and dry. Many people can have a combination of both oily and dry skin. As discussed earlier, the foundation of acne care is cleansing the face regularly. The face should also be cleaned when a person is involved in an activity where he has come in contact with a lot of dust particles as if the dust particles are attached to the skin then it would prove to be a hindrance in the process of acne care. Aloe Vera based cleansing gels should be used for acne care as they do not contain alcohol which is harmful for the skin. Resisting the urge to scratch the area where acne has occurred is important in acne care. If the area of acne is scratched then permanent marks on the skin will remain throughout the life.

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