Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicines

The alternate treatment of diseases which constitutes the use of different plants and their extracts is what herbal medicine is. It is termed as one of the safest and most effective treatment options which is commonly getting used to treat various ailments. Herbal medicine has been very widespread with many people in the wide seeking alternative treatment which is being offered through the herbal medicine. The natural alternative which is found in the herbal medicine is said to have been in use in the past with the time ranging to thousands years ago. The evidence gathered by the archeologists found out that the bygone era civilizations made traditional medicine from the herbal plants. The usage of herbal medicine is said to have been in China where the herbal medicine was used to treat various ailments. In the recent past, many people have come to favor the herbal medicine to the readily available synthetic medicines. The herbal medicines come in different forms that include extracts, tablets, essential oils or even ointments not forgetting tea.


Advantages of the Herbal Medicine


From the way many people are turning to herbal medicine, it is evident that the herbal medicine is of great benefit to them compared to the synthetic medicines. Herbal medicine is less expensive as compared to the synthetic one making the herbal medicine cost effective than the medicines that are bout from the allopathic pharmacy. In addition the herbal medicine can be bought without the doctor’s prescription this is because the medicine is available in almost every store dealing with the health stuff.

Many herbal medicine have no side effects to the users like in the case of the chemical prescribe medicine by pharmacists which more often show side effects to the user and they are very effective to most ailments.

In the natural process of body detoxification, the herbal medicines are very effective in the process where several plants like the chlorella, garlic are used to cleanse the colon not forgetting that the plants also help in the digestion of food where they improve the digestion and also in food absorption. Herbal medicine is good in dealing with some digestive disorders like the peptic ulcers, colitis, and also the irritable bowel syndrome is well taken care off by the herbal medicine.

Herbs like the ginger, capsicum, garlic are well known for the control of ailments which are related to the blood circulation like the high blood pressure showing the effectiveness of the herbal medicine. Herbal medicine are also known for treating coronary artery disease and in the blood stream, it reduces the cholesterol levels.

Diseases that are known to cause many health problems to many people around the world have been well resolved by the herbal medicines. For instance obesity, known to causing many health problems, herbal medicine has come in to avoid the risk by helping in the reduction of the excess weight while at the same time regulating a person’s appetite.

Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine


A few demerits are found on the herbal medicine just like found in other alternative health care. There are a few demerits associated with the use of the herbal medicines and their supplements. In cases of the herbal medicine treatment, cure may take some time to come by and in this case one is required to have great patience.

Some of the treatments made using the herbal medicine have certain side effects which are negative. The side effects are hideous where they take months and in other cases taking years for them to be shown on the user. It is highly recommended to discontinue using the herbal medicine in the initial stages if your body does not react positively to them to avoid harm to your body later.

Presently, there is no guaranteed assurance on the quality of the herbal medicine since there is no government regulation on the herbal medicines or the entire herbal medicine industry.


While seeking to have a treatment using the herbal medicine, it is important to undertake sufficient consultation before embarking on the herbal medicine treatment for there are a few good herbal medicine practitioner. It is also important to have your doctor know of you taking the herbal medicine to avoid a reaction of the herbal medicines and the allopathic medicines that he may be prescribing to you.

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