Are Body Oils Better than Moisturizers


India is a traditional country, where many people practice the traditional and ancient methodologies when it comes to health and beauty. One of the great questions is whether body oil is better than moisturizers? This could be simply answered as yes as the medicinal benefits of these oils are time tested. Body Oil is actually better than moisturizers.  Let us go through the facts for the above conclusion.


I. Basic Difference Between Oil and Moisturizing Lotion


The basic difference between oil and a moisturizing lotion is the contents. For a moisturizing lotion to emulsify, you need to add water to the formulation and heat it up to a high temperature. While doing so, the nutrients that are available in the oil within that formulation maybe destroyed. On the other hand, if you’re using oil on directly on your skin, there is no need to add any water. Hence on a simple level, oil is more superior to a moisturizing lotion. It does not contain chemical solvents.



II. Mixing Different Oils to Get Total Benefits Vs Moisturizing Lotion


A high grade moisturizing lotion contains multiple active ingredients including various oil extracts beneficial to our skin. In order to get the same benefits one need to mix the oils like grape seed, sea buckthorn, emu and jojoba. They contain wonderful ingredients and do moisturize our skin well. The important note to be added is these entire oils can only do as much as what each can deliver when they are used individually. So, if you are not mixing various oils to enjoy the numerous antioxidant effects, a well formulated moisturizing lotion is a very good option to consider.


III. Moisturizer Should Be Able to Enter and Deliver Benefits

A well formulated moisturizer is a product that contains some good antioxidants. The formulation should be made such that it can deliver those benefits to our skin. It is plain useless to if the moisturizer merely sits on top of the skin or moisturize the upper layers. One would rather use oil having experienced benefits on past usage. Most of them can penetrate and deliver excellent benefits to the skin.


IV. High Grade Moisturizing Lotion are Well Formulated

The formulation of the moisturizing lotion with a high grade formula may be actually being beneficial. As it is usually a combination of other oils as well as antioxidant ingredients. Furthermore, technology can make it possible for the moisturizing lotion to be formulated without its ingredients losing their nutrients. This ensures that the ingredients penetrate deeply into our skin. However, nothing is better than directly applying the oil on the skin as there are no chances of failure. They do not block the skin’s natural oil.

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