Are Body Washes Better than Bar Soaps

In the recent years, there is a big question/debate on whether to use Bar Soap or Body Wash for cleansing your body. Though the majority of the world population prefers bar soaps over body wash, the world is still witnessing the glimpses of body washes in the modern world.

Body Wash Vs Bar Soaps

1.    In general bar soap is very dry and it leaves a film on your skin. Body wash is better for the actual skin. However, if you are trying to get rid of bacteria then bar soap is the best because it is so stripping to the skin and can remove everything.

2.    On the other hand the biggest advantage of body wash is the cleansing the body permanently and it does not carry person to person. Body wash is better if you want to become cleaner. Bar soap carries bacteria unlike body wash. Because it can carry germs from person to person that uses it.  This is a big disadvantage with the bar soaps.

3.    Bar soap also leaves your body so dry and sticky after the bath. Body wash is more lubricant and it does smell better than the bar soap. Thus the body wash carries the benefit of luxury and mildness.

4.    Most importantly, when use Bar soap it gives you weird feeling upon usage. The body wash works on your body gentle and soft.

5.    Preferably body soap users are almost 80% than that of body wash users who are less than 20%.

6.    According to the scientists bar soap gives better cleanliness over body wash.

7.    On the cost factor bar soap easily wins over body wash as body soaps are most commonly used way of cleaning the body.

8.    The fragrance is easy use is great in body wash over bar soap.

9.    Bar soap gets complete cleanliness to the body and gets your perfect feeling and body was is still not able to get the feeling such as bar soap.

10. The novelty of body wash is that you can place skin-improving ingredients such as vitamin E, glycerin and soybean which can be effectively deposited on the skin during a wash. Though they will not provide an immediate improvement but it does brings you the effectiveness over a period of time. Although soap has a reputation for being drying, today's soaps are milder, even softer and some even provide some moisturizing capabilities. But soaps can't moisturize as effectively as body washes, because of its solid form, soap can't hold the same moisturizing properties.

11. Lastly on the price front Bar soaps definitely have the advantage than that of body wash and the majority go for the bar soaps for economy.

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