Are There Any Natural Sunscreens

While shopping for sunscreen products, most people always hover around with one question and that is whether there are any natural sunscreen products in the market. The curiosity is quite natural as most of the products pertaining to sunscreen contain chemicals which are not good for the health of the skin. People, who are aware of the harmful effects of the chemicals which are found in these lotions, always tend to look for products which contain natural ingredients. If you scan the market thoroughly then one can definitely find natural sunscreen products. Titanium dioxide happens to be the primary ingredient in most of the natural sunscreen products. If you want to buy any natural sunscreen products, then first of all you should verify the presence of the mineral called titanium dioxide in it. The second ingredient which finds a place in almost all the natural sunscreen product is a mineral called zinc oxide. People possessing sensitive skin can also apply these sunscreen products. These types of natural sunscreen products are also compatible for the children.   


Many types of flower extracts and antioxidants are found in natural sunscreen products. Generally the natural sunscreen products are devoid of fragrance, which in turn helps in preventing skin irritation. Due to the presence of natural oils in these sunscreen products, the waterproof effect can be achieved. Vitamin E is an essential ingredient for the natural sunscreen products, because it protects the skin from contracting skin cancer. A lot of damage is caused by the production of free radicals in the body, but the antioxidants present in these types of vitamins can prevent the damages caused by the ultraviolet rays and free radicals. When the skin gets exposed to the ultraviolet rays incessantly then, the chances of damages in the DNA starts to develop. And this is why Aloe Vera is used as an ingredient in the natural sunscreen products so that this type of damages can be prevented. Green tea extracts can also be found in these products as it prevents skin inflammation due to the presence of antioxidants in them.


Physical sunscreen has found a lot of prominence, because it is easy to apply and it is also safe for a baby’s skin. Zinc oxide is one of most popular type of physical sunscreen, which acts by deflecting the ultraviolet rays the moment it tries to gets pierce into the skin. The best feature of this sunscreen is that it fails to get absorbed by the skin and can stay on the surface of the skin for a longer time and thus it provides protection for a longer time. Since this sunscreen cannot get into the interior layers of the skin, people hardly experience allergies or irritation due to it. One can prepare sunscreen at home by the oil of Aloe Vera with coconut oil and this mixture can be applied after a span of few hours on the area of skin which remains exposed for a long period of time, so that protection can be derived.

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