Are You A Migrane Headache patient

This article helps you to find out whether you are a migraine patient or not. Headaches are common in our life. But migraine is a different type of headache that is associated with problems like: visual disturbances, light sensitivity, smell sensitivity, sound sensitivity and the debilitating nausea. These are the symptoms associated with this headache and if your headache comes with these, it is possible that you are suffering from migraines.

Now let us have a look at what happens with migraines. When a person is suffering from migraine headaches, his or her blood vessels will constrict and dilate and thereby result in the pain being distributed throughout the head and may last for a maximum of three days. The pain would either be mild or severe. For some, the problem of headache may last only for a few hours. In mild cases of migraine, people are sometimes unable to distinguish between a normal headache and migraine. The length of the headache is an important factor in finding out whether you are suffering from migraine or not along with the symptoms.
Most people suffering from migraines experience continuous vomiting, pale complexion and dizziness along with the above mentioned symptoms. If your headache is severe than the normal one and is associated with these symptoms, you may be suffering from migraine. When you are suffering from a normal headache, there is tightness in your fascia and scalp muscles. Tightness in the neck is also commonly found with these types of headaches and can result from several reasons such as stress, lack of sleep and others. These headaches would be cured with slight medication and a change in lifestyle which is not the case with migraines.
Migraine acts with your body chemicals, energy production and cells and result in severe symptoms. If you are doubtful about the headaches, consulting your physician is vital and it may be possible to find a temporary relief for your problems. In extreme situations, intense treatments would be required.
The worst thing with migraines is that the recommended prescriptions are mostly ineffective or may not be effective for all migraine patients. The commonly prescribed medicines are Advil and Imitrex. Besides, in some people these medicines may cause side-effects. Also, if you are undergoing medical treatments, it would be good to depend on these tablets for getting relief from migraines.
You can depend on medicines of natural origin as a relief for migraines since these medicines are used by a large number of people. The medicines are inclusive of natural minerals and vitamins. Most people suffering from migraines want to find out what is the most effective treatment for them.
It is possible to reduce the intensity of migraines with several methods. You may have to try them out to find out which is the most effective one for you. It may not be possible to cure migraine completely. Voiding exposure to the material that may trigger headache is one of the methods.

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Wet a Towel squeeze some of the water out and but it in the feerzer. Once its good and cold put it over your head and eyes.home remedy is salt consumption. If the migraine is in the starting stages, a snack of Fritos corn chips, fries covered with large amounts of salt or any other very salty food will calm the attack. Sometimes this calm before the storm is the end, other times its not. But once its calmed down use the towel treatment.
by Sara     07-Aug-2012
theres no food that an prevent one from coinmg on but u can stop taking certain foods. ie, cheese, Coffee, eggs, chocolate, wat u should do in keep a diet dairy or trigger dairy. on it what triggered ur migraine that day was it light sound or food. also comment on wat u ate that day and also the day before. after a couple of months u will see a correlation cut that food out. but do not cut any food groups out of ur diet unless u ae completely sure.
by Amandeep     08-Aug-2012

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