Are You Going Under Depression

Depression is a clinical condition and more often than not this term has been used loosely where people use it to refer to a situation when they are feeling down. Depression is a serious condition whose signs are much worse than just being sad and the symptoms for this can only be felt by the one going through depression.


Symptoms of Depression

If you are thinking that you are feeling depressed, then here are the symptoms that you should look out for within yourself in case of depression.

If you happen to be sleeping more than you always do, then you may surely be suffering from depression. Depression makes you feel weak on some occasions and feel really with much energy on other times. Changing the sleeping pattern for instance, sleeping during the day and being awake for the night are a sign of having depression.

Worrying for no reason is another sign you should look out for and also having pains and aches you apparently can not tell what their root cause.

Depression can also be shown by your moods, lack of enjoyment and energy for the fun that you are used to shows a sign of depression. You will often find no fun anymore in the things that used to excite you in the past. This will do you much harm for it really aggravates depression.

Many are the occasions that we go through stress, episodes of sadness or grief, mostly when one looses a loved one or more even suffer a personal tragedy like getting a divorce and this will lead to being depressed mostly if you are not able to put up with the pressure that comes from these stressful events. To be able to know what type of depression you are going through or are they for real depression, here are the different types of depression “getting a mood disorder that includes the symptoms of depression.

Major Depression: this is a change of moods that last in you for weeks of more even months. It is found one of the severe depressions a person can go through. To be able to notice this, one goes through irritable mood where there is a total loss of interest or the pleasure one used to find in his normal activities. To a certain extent you may even show physical symptoms for it will affect your normal functioning. Normally it will be one episode of depression but it may keep repeating itself over you life time. If you are going through this, then there is no doubt you need to go for examination by a psychiatrist.

Dysthymia: this is a less severe type depression that the major depression we just seen above, the difference is in that this type of depression may go for a longer period of time than the major depression which can even be for several years. At the time of going through this type of depression, there are days of feeling little bit normal within the bad times of this depression like feeling fairy good between the way bad moods. Theses symptoms may not interrupt your daily activities but remember you are still going through depression. Therefore, one should listen to the inner self well and take caution if going through this, for this may grow with time to take the whole effects of a major depression.

Bipolar Disorder:  this is slightly different to the rest for it involves occasions of depression which are very severe which alternate with conditions of extreme elation which are called mania previously known as manic depression. Anyone going through this condition is said to be in bipolar depression and when the condition is not involved with bipolar disorder, one is said to be in unipolar depression.

Psychotic Depression this is a situation which refers to the episodes of depression and hallucinations or delusions all being experienced at once i.e. they occur co-currently. Doctors have always said the condition may be a result of severe depression and the sufferer may result in losing touch with reality. The individuals having to loose their touch with reality schizophrenia are said to suffer from a brain imbalance which is an activity of the brain. This individual stands a greater risk of eventually getting depressed.

If you happen to be going through this, you in no doubt about your depression condition, and there is need to take a clinical course for there is alarm for suffering in you.

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