Are You Infested With Acne Problem

There are very few people in the world who can boast of an acne free skin. Although it is very difficult to have the perfect skin, but the most harrowing fact of all is a large chunk of the world’s population is suffering from acne problem. According to dermatologists almost eighty percent of the total population of the world, have an acne problem. Due to the influence of media, people have started to give a lot of weightage to a person’s overall appearance. And thereby even the options for treating acne problem have also increased by many folds. Many consumers are in awe of the herbal acne products found in the markets today. But before taking the leap in terms of choosing any product for acne problem, you should have complete information about the form of acne problem that you are experiencing. Generally it is assumed that pimples filled with liquid are called acne. But in reality, acne problem is not limited just with the occurrence of a mere pimple. A patient, who has acne of mild nature, will always associate acne with a pimple.

Reasons for Acne


Acne problem starts with the disproportionate production of sebum which shields the open pores of the skin and then acne appears. Acne problem can be divided broadly into three types: acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, and acne conglobata. Acne vulgaris can be either mild or severe in nature and this is the most common acne problem faced by people. Acne vulgaris can appear in the form of whiteheads or blackheads. In case of whiteheads, oxidation cannot occur and hence its color does not turn brown. Acne problem of whiteheads take place if the skin is exfoliated several times a day. Another form of acne vulgaris is blackheads and here oxidation can occur and hence it becomes black in color. Blackheads are seen in the shapes of bumps. Cysts occur when the normal type acne vulgaris becomes severe. In order to stop scarring due to this acne problem, a doctor should be consulted when the acne is at a mild stage itself. Acne problem where the patient has acne rosacea, the acne spots only occur in the area of nose, forehead and cheeks.  


Acne Problems in Man and Women

It is seen that women who are above the age of thirty suffer from this acne problem the most. But men in general also experience the severe form of this acne. Swollen skin and rashes are the symptom of acne rosacea. Acne conglobata is a very serious form of acne. It is mostly experienced by men within the age of thirty. Scarring is the most common consequence of this acne problem. Besides compromising with our exterior appearance, acne problem also hampers our self confidence. The steps for treating any acne problem should be taken immediately, so that the scope for more damages can be curbed. With so many acne treatments available, it becomes important to choose a treatment which will give positive results, by restoring the original health of the skin simultaneously without any fail.

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Try using a moisturizer or sippking and only using your medication every other day. Keep an eye out for redness or inflammation, as you may eventually develop an allergic reaction to the medication. It's possible you'll want to switch to another medication, whether or not you develop a worse reaction. There are lots of options out there and they are made for all different skin types. It's usually a matter of trial and error.On a side note, make sure you are also eating properly, drinking lots of water and avoiding diuretics. A lot of what your skin shows comes from the health of your body overall.
by Trevor     28-May-2012
we agree with you trevor
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