Are You Too Busy To Exercise

All like to have a tailored body. But everyone will not get what they want. Exercises are the good way to loose weight and get a good body. The people who go to work from morning and come back in the evening complain that they do not have time for work outs. Where there is a will there is surely a way. Try to keep some time for yourself. After all it is your own body. You have to suffer if there is any problem in your body. Instead of skipping meals doing exercises will surely put down your weight. When the body is exercising eh blood pressure will come down improving health in many ways. There will be a glare in the face also when you perform exercises.


Many people will skip meals as they do not know the exact way to put down their weight. First we should start with mild exercises as suddenly if the body is put to pressure, it cannot withstand. There are many small tips which you can follow to get exercise to your body. Even the people who go to office can follow these tips and get the daily exercise necessary to the body.


Walking is a Good Exercise. If your office is near enough to walk then it is a good way to walk to office. But if your office is far away take the car or the scooter to a distance little far away from the office and park it there. This will get you a walk in the morning and in the evening. Without your knowledge thee legs will start walking to your car. If possible it is better to take a bike rather than a car. The bile will give a little more exercise than the car. After the drive or a ride it is better to take a walk in the office lawn. Walking is a very good exercise to the body.


Prefer Stairs Over Escalators: If there is escalator in your office then try to use the stairs. These days it will be written near the escalators that talking stairs is good for health. If you wan to carry something from the office to your car then try to do it yourself rather than depending on some others for it. If your work is sitting on the chair for the whole day then you have to walk about for every half an hour as the vertebral column needs exercise. The bones will get caught in one position if you are sitting always on the chair.


Slight Walking After Lunch: It is better to take a walk after the lunch and breakfast. If you have had your break fast at home then the walk on the way would be good. But if you have your break fast in the office then it is better to take a walk after it. After the lunch also you can collect your friends and go for a jolly walk around the office. The strain also will be known and you will come to know about many people in and around your office.  The food also matters. Try to take good food which is fat and oil free. If there is no good food near your office then it is better to take it from your house.

Dumbbells at Workplace: A hand gripper, small dumbbells or exercise bands should be kept in the desk. Whenever you have a time in between your work try to use the hand gripper and do the exercises which will be good after the typing or using the mouse. The hands and the arms will get the necessary exercises.


Avoid Prolonged Sitting Over Workplace: Do not keep sitting on your chair for long time. This will stain your legs and vertebral column. Try to get up from the chair and go to a place where you can stretch your arms legs and shake your fingers to get the necessary exercise for your body so that they will not become numb.


Walk Frequently During Office Hours: If there is some office work where you have to hand over the papers to some one else in the office then try to take it and give it yourself. This will give exercise to your body and you can give the instructions yourself. The file will be ready according to your instruction. If there is any middle man there may be some wrong instructions delivered.

Hand Exercise Every Fifteen Minutes: Sitting with the knees bend always will contract the core muscles. So it is better to stretch them straight for every fifteen minutes. This will be an exercise and the leg will get relaxed.


Keep Your Workplace Clean: Keep some necessary things away from the desk. This will help you to get up and walk to the water bottle to get a drink. When the water bottle is empty try to fill it only half so that you will walk to the cooler when ever the bottle is empty. Try to eat lunch in a clean place and away from the desk. This will keep the mental worries of the file away and try to cool your mind while at least eating.


Stretching Exercises: If possible to do some sit-ups then you can do it to give exercise to the legs and waist muscles. Food s with good nutrition has to be consumed to maintain a good health. If health is good then only we will feel like doing exercises. If health is not good then you will not feel like exercising.


Give Preference to Health Over Work: Work is always there; how ever hard you work it will not get over. So leave it as it is, try to look after your health with small exercises. These exercises will quicken the blood supply to all the parts. The blood pressure will reduce to improve the health of the body.


You will be happy that you have done some thing to yourself. Maintaining your health will be good for yourself and it will save your medical bills. In your week ends try to go to gym or have a swim. Swimming is also a good exercise. All the parts of the body will get exercise by swimming. At home try to not sleep off the free time. Sleeping will increase your tummy. Try to do some house hold chores or try to walk around in your house. Try to meet a dietician and physician to know about your body conditions. You will know the good foods to be consumed for getting your body to be healthy. Do not try to exert more pressure on your muscles to exercise suddenly. Try to increase the minutes of exercises slowly. The intensity of the exercises also should increase slowly.

Many people think that skipping meals will cut down their weight but this is not true. This will reduce the nutrition in the body and the body will try to give up. Try to take small quantities of food. The quality of the food should be good. The food should contain good nutrition which is necessary for your body. Exercising is the only way to cut off the calories. This may be tedious and may take time but it is the best method. The stamina of the body also will increase. Do not escape from the exercises saying you are too busy. You are cheating yourself by doing so.


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