Are Your Friends' Fat Influence

Friends are forever, they are the best companions. However, they are also a great influence in our lives. They can influence for good as well as bad. Mostly the bad influence in not intentional, but it happens as we are with them for a long period of time. Among all the influences the most common is the fat influence. If your friend has an inclination towards being fatty, they tend to make you as well.

Here are few reasons that make you take more amount of calorie under the influence of your friend:

  • If you have a friend who has an inclination towards good food, especially food that is rich in calorie, he/she will make you more inclined towards that kind of food. You might not have tried a calorie rich food in some part of the city, but if your friend has he/she will make you go there and try it out. In case you get to like the taste, you will tend to go there frequently. In a way, he has influenced you to have calorie rich food.
  • Your friends can be very good at influencing you to take alcohol frequently. There is a lot of calorie in alcohol, but when you are with friends who drink a lot, you tend to forget that and you yourself get drinking. The main problem with alcohol is that it is a great diet buster and under the influence of alcohol, you tend to eat more. Basically the foods that complement alcohol are calorie rich food items.
  • There is an unintentional, but unhealthy competition among friends. When a friend of your order fries or burgers, you tend to order the same. At that time you forget your calorie count and don't order some low fat dressing salad. This is basically because you want to compete with your friend.
  • There are times that your friends who can't diet themselves; they discourage you as well with their fake theories. When you go out together and you avoid some types of calorie rich food, they will taunt you and convince you to have food that they are having.

There are ways to prevent this aspect from your life. The first step is to set your agenda. Don't let anyone influence you to a level that you don't judge what's good and what's bad. The next thing you can do is befriend with calorie conscious people as it will be a better influence.

There are several categories of friends that can influence your diet. To name some:

  1. Your slim friend: a slim person may have a good appetite as they are less worried about their weight. Being in their company makes you eat more.
  2. Your optimistic friend: they show their optimistic side by saying have a little more nothing will happen and you tend to eat more under the influence.
  3. Your husband: females tend to eat more with their husbands than with their date. While you are with dating partner, you eat less to show off, but with husband this is not the case.

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