Arjun Kapoor Weight Loss Story

Everybody is frenzied about the film Ishaqzaade, the debut film of Arjun Kapoor with Parineeti Chopra. It is without any doubt an unfastened hush-hush that the lead role played by the male actor Arjun Kapoor, son of Boney Kapoor, who with the help of Salman Khan lost almost 60 kgs  of weight during the past four years. The promos of Ishqzade showed Arjun Kapoor a fit young boy with six pack abs but not many know that just like her cousin Sonam Kapoor he was quite fat and weighed around 130 kgs. According to Kapoor, “The first thing people need to realize is that it’s not going to happen overnight. If you need to lose a lot of weight, there is no quick fix. In fact, it’s possible to lose 10 kg in a month but that’s unhealthy because it leads to muscle loss and a host of other problems and one ends up piling up those pounds again”.


Learner’s Blues


When an individual is obese, their body reacts rapidly to any type of physical action and Arjun also shook off 10 kilograms in his 1st month. This normally takes place owing to water loss.  The trouble is it affords the person a fake sense of achievement and they have a tendency to overdo and they put on all that heaviness rapidly. The Kapoor lad also went by some of these similar experiences. His weight kept fluctuating. It is not easy to glue to any weight loss system and the early days are the hardest.



Dietary change for Arjun Kapoor weight loss


The actor also enlightened how it is tremendously significant to eat correctly when an individual is on a weight loss management. The actor in his binge consumption days would gobble down 3 burgers at one go, and rinses it down with a milk-shake. On the other hand, the actor knew it was not possible to shed off weight without complying with an appropriate regimen.

So what steps did Arjun Kapoor took for weight loss? He abandoned all garbage food, switched rice for quinoa which is a South American food grain and in addition an excellent resource of protein. He would also fill up with chicken as well. His day generally commenced with a toast followed by 4-6 egg whites along with an egg yolk after which he had a protein shake soon after his work outs. Lunch normally comprised of roti, dal, sabzi, and chicken. Justifiably he favored bajra roti instead of atta roti since they are more satisfying and have high fiber content. For dinner, he would almost have only protein like fish or chicken and remained away from crabs. He also kept himself off from all kinds of sweets and instead drank a lot of black coffee to keep his metabolism high.


The final lap of Arjun Kapoor weight loss


To lose heaviness in the early days is effortless with cardio and weights, but the final lap can be in fact very rough. To live through the bulge, he moved for the Cross fit regime, which assisted him to shed off the final 5 kg. The Cross Fit regimen is a lofty-power, core-training exercises which generally holds out for 20 minutes.  ”When you stabilize yourself with your core, you can do any amount of lifting you want.” he said.

Thus if Arjun Kapoor can do it why can’t you also do it?



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