Ayurvedic Cure For Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is a contagious and acute disease. It affects children under the age of 10 mostly and rarely affects adults. It is caused by a virus. It is identified by fever and is often mistaken for measles. The infection begins with a low grade fever followed by a headache and weakness. Two days after infection the skin may develop red blisters.  The blisters break down into scars. Chicken pox usually lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks.  

Ayurveda And Chicken Pox

Ayurveda system of medicine looks at diseases at vitiation of the three doshas of the body that represent the life energies present in the body. If the balance of these doshas are disturbed the person becomes a victim of disorders depending on the dosha disturbance. The treatment is personalized and depends on the patient’s body constitution, severity of the disease and the environmental factors.  

Symptom of Chicken Pox

Chicken pox usually starts with mild fever and pain in the back and legs. The next day small red papules appear on the back and chest and also sometimes on the forehead. They turn into vesicles and within a day or two they dry up leaving a brown crust. Skin eruptions also occur after some days.
  • Running or stuffy nose
  • Severe headache in some cases
  • Slight cough
  • Reduced appetite
  • Tiredness
  • Vomiting
After 10 to 21 days of infection, the following symptoms may occur in the following order:
  • Mild fever with cold.
  • Rashes on trunk or other covered areas of the body.
  • Blisters filled with fluid.
  • Crusts. 

Causes of Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is caused by the virus named Varicella zoster. Other causes may be
  • Sensitive skin
  • Long time illness
  • Change of diet
  • Overfeeding of foods with carbohydrate content
  • Swallowing of air
  • Prolonged hunger
  • In adults shingles or herpes zoster 

Ayurvedic Treatment of Chicken Pox 

The following herbal medicines are prescribed to treat chicken pox 

1) Swarnamakshika Bhasma - 120 mg of this bhasma (ash) should he taken in the morning and evening with decoction of Kanchna tree bark. 

2) Eladyarishta - 20 ml of Eladyarishta should he taken with a cup of water after meals.
3) During the 2nd week 125mg of Indukala Vati should be taken with water in the morning and evening.
4) Herbal tea is very beneficial in the treatment of chicken pox. The tea is made by using herbs such as chamomile, holy basil, marigold, and lemon balm. Add honey in this tea, and take this herbal tea several times a day for relief.
5) A soup is made with 100 gm carrots and 60 gm coriander, cut and boiled in a cup of water. This soup should be taken once a day.
6) Oatmeal is boiled in two liters of water and this water is added to the water that is used for giving bath to the child. 
7) Fresh neem leaves should be boiled in water and mixed with bath water. This helps to cure itching and skin eruptions.
8) Neem leaves can be consumed on empty stomach early in the morning. A bed of neem leaves can also be used.
9) Honey can be applied on the affected area to treat itching. 

Diet Advice For Chicken Pox

In the early days of infection the diet should be only juices. Juices made from vegetables, lemon are helpful. A well balanced diet with fresh fruits and dry fruits can be taken after improvement in the condition.

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