Ayurvedic Cure For Epilepsy

Epilepsy is termed as Apasmara or apasmaram in Ayurveda.  It is a neurological disorder. The disorder of the central nervous system causes the abnormal activity of the brain. The affected person tends to have fits and seizures.  Though it can affect both children and adults infants and teenagers are mostly affected.  

Ayurveda the oldest medical science attributes the disorder to the imbalance in the life energies called doshas in the body. The imbalance in the three doshas vata, pitta and kapha singly or all of them together can lead to Epilepsy.




  1. The person becomes unconscious and may fall down
  2. Convulsions of hand and feet and tremors
  3. Eyes become distorted
  4. Foam from the mouth
  5. Consciousness is regained after the convulsions are over
  6. twitching of muscles
  7. biting the tongue

During convulsions the person may lose control over urine and stool. The person may be confused and have headache and may go to sleep.



  1. Presence of tumors or tuberculosis in the brain
  2. Brain Infections such as encephalitis and meningitis
  3. Allergic reaction to certain food
  4. Presence of excessive liquid in the brain
  5. Parasitic infection of the brain
  6. Circulatory disorders
  7. Poor mineral assimilation
  8. Conflict in the mind
  9. Genetic conditions
  10. Lead poisoning
  11. Use of medicines for angina and depression such as penicillin and chlroquine
  12. Chronic alcoholism or use of cocaine
  13. In babies it may occur due to less oxygen supply to the brain due to delayed delivery
  14. Injury suffered by baby during delivery 

Ayurveda attributes the cause of Epilepsy to the disturbance in the doshas individually or the three doshas together.   The person afflicted with vata type of epilepsy tends to have tremors and gnashing of teeth along with foaming from the mouth. The person of pitta constitution feels excessive heat and thirst. The kapha person may have visuals in white and will have a longer duration of fits. The person’s body becomes heavy and cold. The epilepsy caused by three doshas together is incurable.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Epilepsy


Ayurveda believes in balancing the life forces to remove the root causes of the disorders. Treatment methods of Ayurveda include herbal medicines, certain procedures and yoga and meditation etc. Accordingly the therapeutic remedy of epilepsy is as follows:


The brain’s activity is restored back to normalcy through purification methods that help to remove the dosha vitiation.


Vata The body is cleansed using enema (basti) to correct the dosha aggravation. This is due to stress, poor sleep and mental exertion. Constipation and gastritis can also cause this type of epilepsy.   Treatment may include Abhyanga the medicated oil massage, Shirodhara in which medicinal oil is poured over the head to calm the mind. Nerve tonics prepared with Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shankapushpi are used to regulate the abnormal brain activity.


Pitta The dosha disturbance is corrected by purgation (Virechan). Encephalitis and inflammation of the head may cause this epilepsy.   This is mostly caused due to exposure to excessive heat.


Kapha – Removal of unwanted food material from the body by inducing vomiting. (Vamana). This is caused by blockage in the nervous system.  Excessive saliva secretion is noticed in this type of epilepsy.   The reason may be sedentary and secluded lifestyle. Tulsi and Acorus Calamus are used to treat the kapha type epilepsy.


The Ayurvedic medicines used in the treatment of epilepsy are Panchayagavya Ghrut, Mahapanchagavya Ghrut and Vachadhya Ghrut.  Herbs that are effective in restoring the brain activity to normalcy are Brahmi, Malkagni, Jatamansi and Shanka Pushpi.



Avoid mental tension and stay positive as far as possible. Eat nutritious food and avoid eating late at night. Massaging with coconut oil or sesame oil at bed time is helpful in lending a cooling effect to the brain. Yoga and meditation help in calming the brain and the nervous system and improve positive attitude to life.

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suffering since last eight years
by Satya Prakash Dwivedi     19-Feb-2012
My son suffering wt fits (17 years) off and on. What best medicine for this by ayurvedic....
by janes     31-Mar-2012
My wife suffering with Fits since 2000 mostly 12 years happen every day taking EPILON TAB But fits coming every month 3 to 4 times pl give me any suggestion which is best Ayurvedic medicines or any else
by sadanandam     18-Apr-2012
my son 7months old suffering fits/seizures since 3 months. We are using eptoin, levipil, gardenal medicines even though unable to control the fits. All scan and medical reports nothing was found. Fits repeating every 4 days oftenly. so kindly suggest me to find medical treatment in Ayurvedic medicines. Kindly consult or reply me. My Mobile no : +919502330748
by Ravibabu     21-Apr-2012

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