Ayurvedic treatment For Gum Disease

Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums is one of the most common gum diseases in recent times. Gum disease is known as periodontal disease. The inflammation affects the ligament that supports the teeth by holding the teeth positioned in the jaw bone. This is the earliest stage of gum infection. This condition may lead to loss of teeth as is found in most cases and also affecting the jaw bone if allowed to advance. Sometimes it may be the underlying cause of coronary heart disease. 

Ayurveda and dental problems

Ayurveda considers the mouth as the seat of kapha dosha. Vitiation of kapha gives rise to several dental disorders. Disease is viewed as a state of disturbance of thee doshas in the body namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda is both curative and preventive focusing natural therapies and personalize3d approach to treatments.  

Symptoms for Gum Disease

The tartar collection irritates the gums and makes them shrink. Thus a gap is created between the teeth and the gums where bacteria get into and thrive. This inflammation leads to severe inflammation of the gums. The bacteria caused the destruction of the tissues surrounding the gums and disease f the gum starts. The common symptoms of gum disease are swelling of the gums. The pain may be slight pain, bad breath and loosening of teeth. There may be bleeding form the gums and grayish mucus covering them in cases of periodontitis.  

Factors contributing to the development of gum disease

Pregnancy, menopause, puberty and users of oral or inject able contraceptives are conditions in which can facilitate development of bacteria in around the gums due to fluctuation in the hormone levels. Smokers are also vulnerable to the attack of gum infections. Certain other diseases such as allergies, scurvy, leukemia, AIDS may also cause gum disease. Some medicines may also lead to gum problems as some of them are sued to block the blood channels to control blood pressure during organ transplant. 

Ayurvedic Treatment For Dental Concerns

Ayurvedic treatment mainly focuses on prevention. For bleeding gums the Ayurvedic remedy is taking a cup of water with fresh lemon juice to stop the bleeding. Amla powder mixed with a cup of water is also effective in controlling the bleeding of gums. Vitamin C plays a vital role in restricting the loosening of the teeth. It is helpful in curing other dental disorders as well. Neem powder can be used to brush the teeth that can also strengthen the gums. 
Peppermint, sage oil and menthol are good for treating gingivitis. Food should contain lots of fiber. Rubbing the gel of Aloe Vera in the around the gums and gargling with water after that is effective in treating gum diseases. A concoction made from Triphala is highly effective in curing gum disease and gingivitis in particular. Gargling with water in which Triphala powder is added is helpful to control gum disease. Gargling with luck warm water with a pinch of salt twice a day is helpful. Toothpastes that contain basil, babool, Neem and mint should be used to prevent gum diseases. They also prevent the infection if any from spreading, reducing the swelling and inflammation of gums. Herbal mouth wash is another way to prevent gum infection. Using clove oil for rubbing the gums or chewing cloves is helpful in checking the gum disease. 
Prevention Of Dental Problems

The most important aspect of gum disease prevention is oral hygiene. Brushing the teeth with herbal tooth paste twice daily is a good way to prevent gum disease. Maintain good general health by eating nutritious and balanced food and avoid indigestion. Avoid smoking as smokers are twice as vulnerable to gum disease as those who do not smoke.  

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what is the treatmeant you have for laichen plntus of the mouth. how to get the tretmeant
by sabra     21-Feb-2012
I have a gum problem it bleeds but because of my bad habit to suck gums most of the time and now i do uncomfortable with my teeth i don't think my teeth healthy please suggest me something that can show me a way..............
by Nikhil Thakur     21-Jun-2012
Hello NIKHIL, first thing to do is to go to a dentist and get the professional cleaning done by periodontist and then do brushing with soft bristles brush gently in to and fro motion. Also rinse your mouth everytime you have your meals. Use antibacterial mouthwash at least twice daily. To get rid of gum sucking habit you can consult an orthodintist. S/he might give you night guard to wear which will gradually let you overcome this habit.
by admin     21-Jun-2012

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