Basic Tips to Give Yourself a Manicure

Hands and nails are prominently visible organs and hence require good care so that you can project a clean and healthy look to the world. They need as much grooming as our face. A manicure once every fortnight is a must for well- maintained hands and nails.


 Nail polish on nails should be removed and nails should be left free to breathe at least once a week.


  1. To give yourself a soothing manicure, spare 45 minutes every fortnight.

  2. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and place it over the nail for a few seconds before wiping dry.

  3. Always use a good quality nail polish remover, preferable enriched with nail strengtheners.

  4. Acetone is a cheap nail polish remover but prolonged use leads to weak and rough nails.

  5. Apply a gentle exfoliant over the palms and hands to remove dead cells and soften the hands

  6. Oatmeal and honey or granulated sugar are effective natural exfoliants. Clean beach sand can also be used as a natural exfoliant.

  7. After rinsing hands, apply hand cream over the hands, paying special attention to the cuticles.

  8. Using an orange stick, push back the cuticles.

  9. Use a nail clipper to clip nails to the desired shape.

  10. Long nails look glamorous but require much attention and upkeep

  11. Square clipped nails are easy to maintain for hands which do a lot of house work.

  12. Use a nail file to smooth the jagged edges.

  13. Move the nail file in a single direction only. If the nail file is used in a sawing motion, the nail edges become weak.

  14. Use a nail brush to clean under the nails.

  15. Buff the nails with a soft nail brush.

  16. Select a shade of nail polish which suits your skin tone.

  17. Funky neon  shades of nail polish are not appropriate for office wear

  18. While applying nail polish, dip the brush in the nail paint and wipe off excess and apply the polish with strokes in one direction only.

  19. Use a maximum of three strokes to colour each nail.

  20. To prevent nail paint from smudging on the fingers, apply small amounts of petroleum jelly around the nails.

  21. A French manicure is surprisingly easy to maintain.

  22. In a French manicure, the nails are shaped oval and kept short.

  23. The base of the nails are painted with clear nail polish and the tips with white nail polish

  24. A coat of clear nail polish over painted nails keeps the nail paint from chipping.

  25. A gentle massage with moisturising cream completes the manicure.

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