Beauty Tips for Brides To Be


Every bride cherishes a wish to look beautiful and best on the day of her wedding. Wedding outfits, jewellery, makeup and hair must be such that they accentuate the bride’s natural beauty. On the day of wedding, bride is the centre of attraction so she has to put in all efforts to look “The Best”.


Not all women are gifted with glowing skin and silky long hair. To them there are bridal beauty treatments that aim at improving the quality of the bride’s skin and hair and involve regular facials and hair treatments. Beauty treatments, for helping the bride look like a dream princess, should start at least 8 weeks before the day of the wedding.


Before starting with any beauty care treatment, a cosmetologist should be consulted first to get the complete analysis regarding present skin conditions that includes acne, any skin problems like skin rashes, blemishes, black heads, moles etc. 


Skin and Hair Care Tips for the Bride to be:

  1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. To nourish skin from within, have at least 2 glasses of mint-carrot-beet- tomato juice every day. 

  2. Avoid very oily food and switch to a regular cleansing- toning and moisturising routine before going to bed.

  3. If you are using soap to wash your face, switch over to a face wash which has cold cream content. 

  4. Sign up with a beauty parlour for a weekly head massage and hair spa treatment. Though costly, this treatment is worthwhile as it is a major de-stressor.

  5. It has been seen quite often that brides with short hair attempt to grow their hair before the wedding. If that is the case, do not forget to go in for regular trims to maintain the shape of the hair.

  6. Stick to the regular hair and skin products, including makeup, which you are used to. Try to avoid experimenting with new brands of hair and skin products, just before the crucial day.

  7. If you colour your hair, ensure to complete the hair colouring treatment at least a week before the date of the wedding.

  8. Before going out in the sun, apply SPF 15 or higher half an hour before to avoid sun damage to the skin.

  9. You can try vitamin supplements of A, C and E to add a natural glow to your skin as they helps in warding off the damage causing free radicals from the body. Also you can take fresh oranges or lime water.


Beauty package for would-be-bride:


An ideal beauty package includes body cleansers, facial peels, anti-dandruff and various hair fall therapies. Take care of the following tips before starting with any beauty package:


  1. Go for deep hair conditioning once a week. Here the beautician will give you a protein hair mask that you have to apply for half an hour along with oil massage. This helps in in-depth conditioning of your hair.  

  2. Don’t forget your hands and feet. Go for regular professional manicure and pedicure.

  3. Go for body polishing every 10 days.

  4. 2 days pre-wedding go for final facial, scrubbing, waxing and body massage.

  5. Most important to note is that don’t experiment anything new on the skin. This can lead to disastrous results.


Skin and hair tips for the actual wedding day:

  1. Finish off with your exfoliation and waxing sessions at least 3 days before the wedding.

  2. Oil and shampoo your hair, just a day before the wedding. Ensure to condition your hair, to avoid fly away strands.

  3. Try out your hair do, after donning your bridal outfit well before the wedding date to avoid last minute harassment. 

  4. In case of traditional Indian weddings, the bride wears flowers and ornaments in her hair. Ensure that your wedding make up kit contains plenty of U Pins and clips to keep the hair ornaments and flowers pinned in place throughout the ceremony.

  5. The hair do for the after wedding reception should complement the outfit. Keep the hair do simple and easy to manage, particularly if the outfit and jewellery are ornate and heavy.

  6. Modern brides aim for a natural, glowing look with makeup. Traditional heavy layered make up in bold colours has given way to light, sheer make up shades. Use of a bronzer instead of blusher lends a natural, glowing look to the makeup.

  7. If your wedding is planned in summers, then go for water proof make-up.

  8. Red shades of lipstick look good with traditional Indian wedding outfits besides making the teeth look whiter.  


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