Benefits Of Brisk Walking


“An Early Morning Walk is the Blessing for Whole Day”

……….Henry David



Brisk walking not only stretches your body but also your mind and soul. Walking at a fast pace is brisk walking. ‘After supper walk a mile’ was a say in good old days. In this modern era we do not have time to walk. Our mechanical lifestyle has deprived us of many a benefits that we can derive naturally. This lifestyle of today leads to an unhealthy physique. It is explained by our eating disorder, inadequate sleep, lack of exercise, looking obese, increased levels of stress and uncommon diseases. Physical and mental fitness are given second priority against money.  


Benefits of Brisk Walking


Best for Obese People: Brisk walking is suitable for all age groups. Numerous benefits are derived by brisk walking. People with obesity can speed up their weight loss by brisk walking. Brisk walking brings you good results but it is not an exhausting exercise. When you are brisk walking the ideal speed for you could be that of your companion. 


Walk While You Talk: Walking and talking simultaneously brings in more interest during the session of brisk walking. Even though simple, brisk walking is highly beneficial. 



Stress Reliever: As brisk walking cause’s relaxation of your mind, it helps you to fight against stress. It relieves you of constipation and also prevents it. 


Reduces Cancer Risk: Brisk walking can protect you from colon cancer and osteoporosis. Various research studies have shown that due to walking, carcinogenic foods don’t come in contact with intestine thereby reducing the risk of cancer.


Fights Against Depression: It maintains your fitness and increases your life span. Brisk walking reduces the problems arising out of depression and hence your mental peace is ensured. Walking keeps you energetic and happy throughout the day.


Makes Body Flexible: Brisk walking is a remedy for arthritis ailments and it is a solution for the backache problems. Your body becomes more flexible with brisk walking. Brisk walking strengthens your muscles. Your bones and joints become stronger with brisk walking. This means, you can tone your body with brisk walking. As a consequence of brisk walking, you can have sound sleep in the night.  


No Side Effects: Brisk walking burns almost equivalent calories as jogging and or running burns, for the same distance. Brisk walking is less prone to injuries. It is also at par with any aerobic  activity. It does not have any side effects. It does not make you exhausted. Brisk walking gives you guaranteed results if you are patient enough. 



A 30-minute brisk walking every day is recommended by doctors. You can also do it in three sessions each of 10 minutes in a day. The best way of boosting your metabolism could be brisk walking. You can perform brisk walking for a distance of 5 km in an hour. 


Every practice has to gain acceleration in the course of time. It is applicable to brisk walking too. Step by step, brisk walking should be intensified. Two walks each of 10 minutes on three days a week would suffice in the beginning. Then increase it to two walks each of 10 minutes for four days a week. When you are comfortable with this, increase it to two walks each of 15 minutes for four days a week. You should achieve brisk walking 1 mile in 15 minutes. It will improve cardiovascular endurance and keep the circulatory and respiratory systems in healthy condition. 

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