Benefits Of Eating Antioxidant Rich Foods

Free radicals tend to damage the body in a slow but sure way. As they are unstable, free radicals are in need of electrons and to obtain these electrons they invade tissues of the various parts of the body. While a fixed percentage of free radical formation cannot be prevented as it is associated with metabolism, it cannot be prevented. When free radicals are found in small numbers inside the human body, they offer protection against harmful organisms and toxins. It is only when the level of free radicals reaches above a particular level that it becomes harmful for the body.  


The damage caused by free radicals is not localized as they can destroy any organ or to make it clear, it can cause an overall deterioration of health. To neutralize the free radicals, it is mandatory to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, spinach, carrots, peppers, tomatoes can prove to be of help for the body by reducing free radicals.



In addition to eating food rich in antioxidants, it is also important not to overeat. This is because overeating increases the ill effects of metabolism i.e. the release of free radicals. It is also essential to reduce the consumption of fast foods that are prepared using unhealthy oils. Foods that are highly refined and those that use preservatives are also detrimental to health. Finally, the benefits of relaxation cannot be underestimated as stress is known to increase the level of free radicals.


It is better to reduce the consumption of meat cooked using very hot flames. Limit intake of foods fried using hydrogenated oil. If you find that is difficult to include vegetables in all your meals, it is better to drink vegetable juice instead. Make it a habit to include vegetables that have a deep colour like beetroot, carrot and spinach. The colour is indicative of its high antioxidant level.


As berries are famous for their antioxidant ability, also eat whichever berries are available in your local market. An example of the berry family is strawberries. As all the foods considered for antioxidant function are also generally healthy foods, the body will reap other health benefits. Some of the health benefits achieved by regularly eating these foods are anti-ageing benefits and a healthy immunity system. Sprouts are rich in protein and antioxidant activity.


Spinach and other greens in addition to tomatoes, cauliflower and cabbage are well-known for their cancer prevention properties especially for cancers that are common among women. Soy products are also popular for offering protection from the ill-effects of free radicals. It is also important to include spices in your foods as they have anti-fungal and free radical fighting properties. Tea drinkers have a lot to cheer about as their cup of tea plays a key role in fighting various types of diseases. You can trust tea for preventing heart disease, cancer and even stroke. Irrespective of whether you consume green tea or have the habit of sipping black tea, you will enjoy good health.

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