Best Body Oils For Massage

Skincare includes taking good care of not only your face but the entire body as well. The skin's quality can be improved with a gentle massage with the right type and quantity of body oils. It also makes you feel good and confident from inside. According to a survey conducted 85% of body oils provided in the market do not provide proper hydration to the body. Also the body oils leave behind a very unpleasant, greasy residue. Best body oils though expensive, provide the correct hydration required by the skin and also gets easily absorbed into the skin. The skin feels much softer, smoother and refreshed after applying the best body oils.  

Many people prefer lotions as moisturizers as they don’t know the benefits from using body oils. But the best body oils are always much better than any body lotion as a small amount of the best body oil can moisturize the skin for a longer time than a body lotion. With the best body oils you can get rid of clogged pored and your skin will feel softer and smoother.
High doses of concentrated plant extracts are found in best body oils. Perfumes, cosmetics, incense, food and drink and aromatherapy are some areas where best body oils are used. The various best body oils are jasmine, rosemary, grape seed oil etc. in this article we will take you through some essential best body oils to make your skin glow.
Jasmine is one of the best body oils. As you all know jasmine is generally white or yellow in color and is a common garden plant. The scent of jasmine is described as warm and exotic which has properties to heal depression and dry and sensitive skin.
Another Body oil that comes under best body oils is Peppermint oil. This fragrance is inviting and is used to treat mental fatigue, headaches and sinusitis. Vertigo and asthma can also be treated using this oil. Eucalyptus is another body oil known to cure sores, colds, fever and flu. It is described to have a spicy, camphor type smell.
A very essential oil for skincare is grape seed oil. As grape seed oil addresses all the basic needs of the skin, most of the best body oils utilize it. Grape seed oil is one of the few ingredients that can rebuild the skin cells. They reduce the damage and pain associated with sunburns, inflammation or acne. It also moisturizes skin without clogging the pores. But the most important benefit is that the blood circulation is increased throughout the skin by using this oil.
Sweet almond oil is also one among the many best body oils which is normally used as a carrier in aromatherapy. It is an effective emollient and lubricates the skin. This body oil does not damage the skin like most chemicals, but protects the skin by preventing harmful elements from attacking the skin. Unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids are found in abundance in this lightweight oil. Many people claim that a better and healthier body oil ingredient can not be found anywhere else as it absorbs so easily in the skin.
Camellia seed oil is supposed to be the secret of a geisha's beauty. It has a rejuvenating and restorative effect on the skin. It has excellent antioxidant power as it is a derivative of green tea. This power helps in fighting off free radicals and brightens and soothes the skin. It gets rapidly absorbed even in the deepest layers of the skin and can be used by people having sensitive and allergy prone skin. Vitamins A, B and E and other minerals as well as oleic acids are found in camellia seed oil. Thus, this oil is considered as one of the best body oils.
One of the most popular best body oils is sunflower oil. It is high in tocopherols, waxes, lecithin and cartenoids. It is known to soothe and moisturize the skin and contains the repairing power of Vitamin E with antioxidants. Antioxidants are normally required to kill off harmful free radicals and they act as an anti-inflammatory, thus helping in renewing the skin. Sunflower oil has the color of amber and has the power to even protect a baby's sensitive skin.
Other best body oils worth mentioning are rosemary, sandalwood, lavender, cedarwood, ylang ylang, apricot kernel oil, safflower oil etc. each of these oils have unique qualities and are used to get rid of dull, dry and unhealthy skin. These various best body oils are truly the best available in the market. You should immediately stock your bathroom with them to get a radiant and healthy skin.

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