Beware of Botox Party Bodgers

 Botox parties are becoming very popular.  There are two reasons for this

  1. More and more people want the treatment today
  2. It can help cut costs of the treatment, if you are invited to such a party

Yet, there are so many instances when a party turns out to be a fiasco. This happens when the so called Botox experts may not be adequately qualified to give the treatment, or they may perform the procedure in conditions that are far from hygienic.  Both these aspects will put the treatment seekers at a great risk for health complications.

To avoid such embarrassing, harmful and stressful situations, it is important to ensure that all arrangements are efficiently made. Here are some tips to ensure that the party does not turn out to be a fiasco. 

 Check out spas

Visit medical spas of repute and find out whether they offer such services.  Identify spas that employ professionals of repute.  Ask your friends about the good spas.

Check out if there are any free offers for the host; maybe you could be eligible for a free treatment as the host.  Seek the help of the personnel at the facility for some tips and advice about how to make the party a success and avoid mistakes.

How to pick the right practitioner

  • First of all, it is very important to know whether the practitioner is really qualified to give you and your friends a Botox treatment.  He/she should be a registered doctor, nurse or the kind of health care professional, who is entitled to perform the procedure
  • Enquire about the training he/she has undergone in order to qualify for a Botox care provider and what the training comprised of
  • Some centers train people for a few hours and award certificates; be wary of these aspects
  • Do not be taken in by tall claims that the care giver belongs to an elite society of practitioners. It is more important that he/she should have a personal accreditation to a reputed medical institution
  • If you are not sure what the credentials claim, find out what it is exactly by enquiring
  • He/She should be experienced enough to take the right steps in order to minimize any kind of health risks that may arise due to sudden complications like swelling or other allergic problems

Today, because of the popularity of these kinds of cosmetic treatments, many dermal fillers are available at stores or on the internet.  Only Botox needs a prescription for purchase.  That is why it becomes very important to check out the credentials of the treatment provider before you choose him for the Botox party.

Decide the location

If you choose to have the party at home, ensure that there is enough privacy and room for the treatments. First you have to decide whether the party will be at home or an event center.  If you choose an event center, check out its facilities to hold a Botox party there.  Unhygienic rooms or ramshackle sheds are a big no-no for such parties

The preparation

The Invitation: Once the location is decided, you can now plan for the party.  Let your invitees know about the party at least twenty days in advance.  Provide your guests with useful information about what procedures would be conducted at the party and the details of the professionals who would be in charge of the Botox treatments.   

The party

Plan the menu just like you would for any party.  Make it attractive with the right kind of wines and appetizers.  Include a lot of surprises, games and lucky draws to keep the party interesting.  You can again consult the Botox professional team if they could sponsor beauty products for the prizes.   

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