Beyonce on Stage in Shape

Beyonce Knowles is back on stage after her pregnancy. It is exactly after five months after she has given birth to her daughter Blue Ivy. She came for her live performance showing back her slim figure that belied her recent pregnancy. And she has come back after losing 60 pounds of her weight. The megastar exposed her secrets of weight loss to the crowd that had joined in her recent concert. When asked regarding her secret behind weight loss, the 30 year old singer said “Y’all have no idea how hard I worked. I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce.”


Reasons for her weight gain

Owing to the pregnancy and sedentary lifestyle she gained about 50 pounds of the weight especially putting the final 20 pounds in the last month of pregnancy. The actress said she will be coming back to her original form after her delivery and kept her words by coming back in her real shape.


How she managed to lose her excess pounds


The singer states, “I lost most of my weight from breast feeding and I encourage women to do it.” According to Beyonce, breast feeding is good for both the mother and the baby. After almost ten weeks of baby feeding, Knowles dealt with her remaining pounds with strict diet plans and exercise routines. She counted on calories and did work-outs about three to four times a week. As after pregnancy running is not allowed so she started with simple walking and gradually shifted to running, which is best for weight loss.
All the hard work she did along with staying away from all the delicious dishes with no days of cheating helped her in regaining back her original figure. She also said “I’m proud that my waist came back so fast.”

“I’m proud of that and happy but that was mostly from breastfeeding,” the singer added.


Beyonce Knowles Healthy Diet


Beyonce Knowles diet is something that can maintain a balance between her required calories to support her energy levels and at the same time being nutritious. She prefers a protein- heavy breakfast that can keep her healthy for the whole day. For lunch she takes Sasha salad which consists of chicken breast, jalapenos, vinegar, oil, avocado, tomato’s and greens which she admits sounds delicious. Her snack options include cucumber and salary dipped in vinaigrette and fruits and carrots. For dinner she prefers grilled fish and vegetables in the afternoon. Beyonce claims that it is very difficult to follow and maintain a strict diet and thus to satisfy food cravings she takes pizza or pasta once or twice a week quoting it as a thing not to abstain off.


Workout of Beyonce


Her workout has not changed much like her diet. She feels that she doesn’t want to look as if she goes to gym. She does ten push-ups and in addition to that she takes dance rehearsals which also consist of a major portion of her workout. She is actively involved in cardio exercises but keeps her away from strengthening exercises. With some more core exercises and her new diet habit experts feel that she will surely have a stunning figure in near future.

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