Bloated Stomach and Flatulence

Sometimes we feel that our stomach is full and tight even though we have not eaten much. This is called feeling of bloated stomach. This problem affects our stomach as well as our intestinal portion. It's a very common problem, but mostly people either ignore it or mistake it with any other problem. In fact, according to general survey bloated stomach is a problem faced by around 30 to 40 percent people worldwide.

The main reason for bloated stomach is unhealthy food habit and lifestyle. The junk food that we consume on regular basis leads to bloated stomach. The junk that we eat is rich in oil and fats that leads to indigestion that in turn causes excess gas generation. This is the reason flatulence is the most common symptom of bloated stomach.
There is a direct relation between bloated stomach and flatulence wherein due to bloating of stomach there is a need of frequent passing of gas or flatulence. However, the main problem is that when a person with bloated stomach passes gas its odor is unbearable and embarrassing for the person himself.
Basically flatulence is more than simply passing wind or farting. Most of the time fart symbolizes flatulence and it's in our mind that is hard to shift. People don't realize that this passing of gas can be related to something else like bloated stomach. They take this as flatulence whereas it just one of the symptom of bloated stomach. This is the reason a person with bloated stomach thinks it's just flatulence and they do nothing about it. However, they don't realize that this can lead to other indigestion problems as well.
Other symptoms of bloated stomach are excessive gas production, general discomfort, distended stomach, abdominal pain, and changing gut size. In fact, if these types of symptoms persist for longer period of time it is advisable to visit a doctor and consult him. He might tell you that you are facing problem of bloated stomach and flatulence.

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