Body Lift

A body lift is a technique to tighten sagging skin and to give the appearance of a youthful and firm body. With the quest for perfection reaching absurd limits in this modern world, it is no surprise that each person aspires to have the perfect face and body.  The success rates have encouraged more and more people to opt for body lift procedures.
With recent advances in science, man can mould what Nature could not perfect. It can also provide hope and help accident or fire victims who may get disfigured, to correct the damage to some extent to become functional.

In a recent interview, a prominent plastic surgeon has used the term “manufacturing beauty”. He is reported to have said that a person’s height is the only physical attribute that cannot be improved upon. Other than that, there is no part of the human body which cannot be surgically enhanced or modified to match the current standards of beauty.

Cosmetic surgeons have perfected techniques to play God- they are able  to hide wrinkles, to tighten sagging skin, to mould and enhance body parts, to suck layers of fat from the abdomen and to sculpt a perfect nose. We have all seen glossy pictures of film stars for whom time seems to have stopped still. The condition of their skin and body bears no congruence to their chronological age.

There are any numbers of stars who disappear from the public eye for short periods of time and come back with surgically enhanced body parts and with taut skin. With a high premium placed on physical appearance, cosmetic surgeons are never at a loss for patients seeking to maintain and preserve their looks from the ravages of gravity and age.

A full body lift comprises of combinations of basic surgical procedures for:

  1. Face lift
  2. Eyebrow/Eyelid surgery
  3. Ear shaping
  4. Rhinoplasty (Nose shaping)
  5. Forehead lift
  6. Facial Implants
  7. Breast lift/reduction/enlargement
  8. Tummy Tuck
  9. Liposuction
  10. Hair weaving/transplant


  1. Cosmetic surgery does not come cheap and may involve many occasions of hospitalization.. For a complete makeover, there may be umpteen small surgical procedures which entail going under general or local anaesthesia and spending recovery time in a hospital. Often medical insurance does not cover these cosmetic surgery procedures and the person undergoing surgery has to pay hefty hospital bills out of his /her own pocket.
  2. Body lifts are highly risky as results are never guaranteed in cosmetic surgery and results may differ from the anticipated one. There are any numbers of horror stories in the media about botched cosmetic surgeries which have left people looking extremely artificial.
  3. Every cosmetic surgery entails opening up the body to possible infection and organ failure. A case in example is the botched rhinoplasty of Michael Jackson which ended with his nose falling off.

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